9 years later

I was in a cab in NYC and the driver started asking Derek and I about our story. We told him we are celebrating our 9 year anniversary. He launched into details about his wife of 22 years, their kids, and life. After the the conversation started to wind down he said, almost as an after thought, “Marriage is meant to last forever.” Have you ever had the experience of someone saying something to you and it feels like it is pure truth for you? Your body has a physical reaction, like goosebumps? For some reason that simple statement “it’s meant to last forever” hit me and I had to metabolize my feelings of truth that I was feeling.

Truth is that feeling of security, of feeling certain. It is found through the maturing of any kind of relationship. Truth blesses me with the state of mind that I need to deal with the gap between where I am and where I seek to be. I believe feelings of truth are God’s quality of life.

I surprised Derek and planned this anniversary. We chartered a private sailing yacht out of the NYC harbor. We toured all the islands south of Manhattan, ate food, watched the sunset, and snuggled. Wind in my hair and best friend by my side. The world belongs to all of us and I want to see every bit of it with you. Happy Anniversary.

Five Take Flight Faves

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