Fly With Us

Five Take Flight

Two weeks ago we posted this video 👆 Looking for someone to fly with us on a crazy adventure around the world with our family.

We had no idea… Now, two weeks later, the video has more than 8 million views (Facebook and YouTube), our story has been printed in newspapers and talked about in newscasts around the world.

Our story has traveled farther and faster than we ever could. But we are not the news… it is all of you. Those of you willing to leave friends and family to travel with a strange family to strange places. You are the news. ❤️

As of the 18th we are no longer accepting new applications.

What now? With thousands wanting the position, we have the impossible task of finding just one. Probably one of the hardest decisions we will ever make. Not because no one is qualified but because so many are. In fact, many of you would probably make better parents than us 😬

In addition to the number of applicants, we could not have predicted the community that would have evolved out of this search. We have loved getting to know you all and watching you meet each other.

Five Take Flight is about our family acting on a dream. Our page is about dreaming. Even if you are not able to travel with us… we hope you keep dreaming. That one day you’ll be able to Take Flight on your own adventure. Maybe you can bring us along!

Until then, we invite you to follow our journey. Hope we can help you dream in color 👇

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