a new kind of family

Our nanny video is still being shared around the world! I can tell when it hits a new country because our inbox floods with messages of common origin. We’ve had surges in Portuguese, French, Italian, and German to name a few. The past few days have been in Arabic from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco. From people sharing our dream, offering advice and encouragement, and lamenting that we are no longer accepting applications.

I’m wondering, why did this video go viral? Is it the video itself… Quirky, authentic, slightly naïve. Is travel the hook? Or did this video go viral because we are advertising a new type of family-a Digitally Present Family. Where we make our home around each other, instead of hiding and confining it within four walls.

While traveling, Derek and I will be able to e-commute. Generating income through keyboard clicks and Skype calls. We have been doing this for years and one day we realized, “We can do this from anywhere in the world.” Cue #FiveTakeFlight

We are Millennial’s… the first generation to see work as an activity not a location. The first generation to be motivated by lifestyle more than money. A lot has been said about us… the “me generation” the generation that refuses to adult. Didn’t we grow up singing along to “I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys-R-US kid” The very technology that has closed Toys-R-Us doors all over has set our generation free.

Derek and I are pioneering a new lifestyle, and we’ll be the first to recognize just how blessed we are. Most people, millennial or not, still work in static locations. Though, as more millennials prioritize travel and take their livelihoods and families on the road, we will see some interesting changes to the family. As we put ourselves into a test-tube and under the magnifying glass of social media, what do you think will happen?

Will this year on the road bring us closer together? With a digital commute, will dads be even more present in the lives of their children? Will time wasted in traffic be converted into more productivity in work? Will we see a rise in service to others, including our own family?

I’d like to think we are a family first generation. Who make unconventional choices if we feel it is what is best for our family.

Five Take Flight Faves

  • Emma Pratt
    Posted at 16:35h, 30 January Reply

    Hi i have applied and now have my video for you where do i send it please.

  • Bobbie Verdegaal
    Posted at 16:35h, 30 January Reply

    I love that our generation has the freedom to explore these options. Previously generations may have a hard time understanding since, in their mantra, consistency was a reflection of success. For those that still desire the dependability of consistency, that lifestyle is still an option, but now the difference is that we are moving into a culture that can value and accept lifestyle choices beyond what is consistant. Although everyone may not be on board yet, I for one value this choice and freedom that our generation is pursuing.

  • Marta
    Posted at 16:38h, 30 January Reply

    For me, your video caught my attention because of the energy and positivity that came from you. I love that you show the world, just how awesome family-life can be… You give hope to many people, by showing that having a family doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life and do the things you love (traveling, sports, etc.) And that’s what makes you guys so amazing and special!!

  • Amanda Wicker
    Posted at 16:41h, 30 January Reply

    I love and so admire that you and Derek have chosen to embrace the so called “limitations” (earthly possessions, children, etc.) that previous generations have placed upon themselves. It is an incredibly healthy and authentic way to live in my opinion. Cheers to you guys!

  • Kathryn Buller, Melton
    Posted at 16:43h, 30 January Reply

    Having to pick one person from so many must be overwhelmig. You could find the teacher that seams like heaven or the full of life young lady the seems like the sun shines in her smile. Everyone one can be so fake, look for someone who seams real. Maybe a young grandmother. Good luck. I can’t wait to see all your adventures.

  • Kali Winn
    Posted at 16:44h, 30 January Reply

    I really believe this kind of experience will bring you closer together. While it might be difficult at times, being on your own will force you to rely more on yourself and each other rather than any kind of commmunity you have at home.

  • Alisha Sands
    Posted at 16:45h, 30 January Reply

    I have been a full-time/live-in nanny for thirteen years now. What I have seen is that these parents have been working these demanding jobs and spending less and less quality time with their families. They are amazing parents, but working demanding jobs that they feel they have to work harder and longer and travel away from their family at times to succeed. What you and Derick are doing is making family time and experiences as a family the priority. You’ve found a nich where you can accomplish this by working jobs you don’t have to be at an office 9-5. It’s so exciting to see that this is something that CAN be done. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but it gives people the chance to see there are so many different ways to accomplish your goals and dreams. There is no one right way to raise a family. What your family is about to do is inspiring. PS I will keep my phone glued to me today! Ha!

  • Melinda
    Posted at 16:47h, 30 January Reply

    I believe your video went viral because of its authenticity. You’re two genuine parents who want to explore and experience the world with your children in a way that many people dream of doing but will never have such an opportunity. It’s THE dream. I, personally, also appreciated the fact that in order to enjoy the journey to the fullest, you both recognize that an extra set of hands will allow your children to still have academic needs met and will allow the two of you to enjoy time with just each other, further bonding your relationship and adding more security to the well-being of your family as a whole. Altogether, I believe everyone who watched this video wished that they were a part of your family! <3

  • Carly Costello
    Posted at 16:53h, 30 January Reply

    You all are so genuine and transparent! I love that. People can feel that and connect with those qualities! Applying for this nanny position has inspired me to apply for other jobs and think about what I value in life and how my career can support my values. Keep it up!

  • Kelly Newton
    Posted at 16:54h, 30 January Reply

    I think that it is all of the above. As someone who works with children and loves it, as well as loves travel, your video really thrilled me. My friend sent me your video because she thought of me and I quote, ” I do not know if this is real, but I thought of you!” In addition to that, if I choose to have children, this “alternative” lifestyle is what I imagine for myself. Not so much the digital connection, but the lifestyle. We are a generation to be motivated by lifestyle and not money and your video and lifestyle epitomizes that! And I LOVE it!!! Thank you for spreading this idea throughout the world!!!

  • Diana Carlton
    Posted at 16:54h, 30 January Reply

    My husband and I traveled for 3 weeks this past summer to explore Canada on our 30th anniversary! While traveling we met amazing people from all over the world. The one that impressed us the most were the millenials who have chosen the lifestyle to work to travel and adventure. The ones making experiences not things important in their life. The ones that choose people and relationship over business and things. we both said at the time if we had to do it all over again we would place more of a value on travel. 30 years was a long time to figure that out!

    I believe your video struck a chord of just that! Making family, people and experience/adventure a lifestyle!!!

  • Theresa Sluggett
    Posted at 17:02h, 30 January Reply

    Great article ! You bring up some really interesting points. First off let me say that referring to yourself as the me generation and this being as perhaps selfish or self centred decision is absurd. The experiences and family time you will have during your travels will be full of so many wonderful moments. It won’t be easy all the time as travel often comes with challenges but your children will learn through these moments as well. If you look at the quality time most working parents get with their children in a given week sadly it’s very very little. It’s often rushed, scheduled, and never enough. This will not be the case for your family. Your moments will happen and you both will be present. You won’t have rush home from the beach to mow the lawn, get the laundry done, do the mundane chores that often weighs down a family .
    To do all this in the public eye will be exciting. For us as watchers and for you as doers. With every public lifestyle you will have criticism. People will always have an opinion on how they think you should of handled a situation expecially when it comes to parenting. Comes with territory . How you choose to receive it will be important. We are not perfect. I would start off from day one and not address the negative. Let the world know that this is your story and you guys are living it. If you don’t respond it becomes their opinion not a discussion or debate.
    I think your video went viral because it’s everyone’s want to have the choice to just pick up and go see world. Fortunately your jobs will allow this dream to become a reality. Yes it probably was your quirky, sponabeous, beautiful family that helped it go viral as well. Cheers to you all.

  • Kaza Correa
    Posted at 17:08h, 30 January Reply

    It’s an amazing thing your family will be exploring. Traveling is an experience like no other that allows you to bond with those around you and crate friendships you could have never made any other way.
    Why did this become a viral video? I couldn’t say for sure. But I can tell you what your video spoke to me.

    I was already in bed, moments from putting down my phone when your video slid through my feed. I saw the little hot air balloon symbol and two smiling strangers who had this look of adventure in their eyes. I clicked.
    Listening to your video, there was an instant spark of incredulous excitement. I couldn’t think, speak, talk! I had to watch it 3 more times, look at your blog, watch a few of your YouTube videos, and send it to my mom before I could believe it was real.
    The prospect of a traveling family has always been a dream of mine. As a school teacher, I had always felt like there was no way I could achieve this. But your story gives me a renewed vigor! I look forward to watching your family’s travels either from your blog or by being your teacher/nanny/photographer/traveling teammate extraordinaire!
    I hope that I am still somewhere on your list of potentials! ❤?

  • Mary Anderson
    Posted at 17:12h, 30 January Reply

    I was attracted to your video because I would love to build my family based on the same principles that you have. Love, learning, travel and home. Even though you’ll never be in the same place, you’ll create a home by embracing the people you are with and the memories you make. You’ll enlarge your family to include everyone you meet and create memories all over the world. I’m so impressed that you’re taking this on in your life.

  • Kamryn Smith
    Posted at 17:13h, 30 January Reply

    This I SO well said. I love that you mentioned “we are a family generation.” Family is the most important thing! I am LDS and family is the center of the church and should be the center of all of our lives. It’s perfect to do what’s best for your family, conventional or not. I love you guys!?

  • Michelle Gilbert
    Posted at 17:34h, 30 January Reply

    I tend to be somewhat shy and guarded about how and why I make decisions, but your family’s transparency as you figure out this new type of lifestyle, and anticipate what it may bring, has challenged me to examine my own motives when it comes to living vulnerably or reservedly. I applied for the position and, to be honest, the high-profile nature that the application process has taken on is very intimidating. But I am grateful, regardless of whether or not I am able to join your family, for the way you’ve encouraged living courageously and intentionally. I pray God’s blessing on your family as you strive to be committed to what is best for your family. Much love!

  • Abbie Mecham
    Posted at 17:43h, 30 January Reply

    I’d love to offer my perspective! By the age of 17 my family had lived in 6 different states and 13 different cities. I haven’t yet seen the world but I have definitely seen my country! As an adult I can definitely see how growing up with stable and involved parents but many different communities and environments influenced who I am today.
    – Moving around means that you learn to rely more on your family than ever before. Rarely did I not have a first day of school where my older brother was the only person I knew. We were and are still are very close friends.
    – Same goes for the rest of my family. We’re all adults now and all 7 of my siblings maintain a good relationship with each other. We lend each other support no matter how inconvenient and we know how to have fun with just each other.
    – Because I moved so much I now have friends all over the country which makes traveling as an adult so much more enjoyable because every vacation can also be a reunion.
    – It’s casued me to easily adjust to change.
    – I learned to place a higher value on people rather than belongings and things.
    – Putting myself out there to get to know new people isn’t a hard thing for me.
    – On the flip side since I REALLY know what its like to be the knew kid, I can be empathetic towards others in that situation.
    – ultimately moving around a lot has taught me that I am the master of my own happiness. I can be happy anywhere no matter my circumstances.
    While it has made the question, “where are you from?” A tricky one for me to answer I’m happy I grew up the way I did. My home really was were my family was and not a street address.

  • Kerstin DeLeeuw
    Posted at 17:52h, 30 January Reply

    I pray that this generation becomes a family first generation. But I don’t think it’s with the technology we have. The technology helps, but it still takes a choice. The choice to put family first. And I believe that with a good family base, many of our world’s problems could be solved. If only it was that easy… Thanks for the inspiration to put family first <3

  • Tiffany
    Posted at 18:04h, 30 January Reply

    Word of mouth spreads fast! I was told about your job through a friend. She called me up and was like “This is so you and what you need in your life right now.” Your video was catchy and intriguing. A family based on life experiences not “four walls” (like you put it) but rather living life to the fullest. We are only given one chance, one life, to live.

    Society tells us we HAVE to got to college and we HAVE to find a career to pull us through life. We need to find that one person and place to make our future lives good ones. In all the years I spent in college I learned so much more by my experience.

    We, as individuals, are the only ones responsible for our future. We decided if we stay where we are or move and explore. We decide on what jobs we want to do and don’t. Options are limitless and I believe the millennial have figured that out. We are a new breed that lives for the now instead of “what the future could be.” Your future starts again every morning. Being able to build that future in a family setting is the most wonderful thing in life. ?

  • Carmella Adel Camacho
    Posted at 18:41h, 30 January Reply

    It’s always hard to know why something goes viral. I believe your genuine and positive personalities shined causing many people to share it. I received the video directly from a friend who knows I love working with children and have been looking to break away from my mundane office 9 – 5. I applied (hopefully you received muy new phone number post application in case you’re going to reach out to me for interview) but I didn’t share the video. I didn’t think I knew anyone else who’d be interested in taking on such a new age position. Clearly I was wrong as the applicant count is mind blowing! May you continue to inspire others to follow their dreams.

  • Amanda Leith
    Posted at 19:13h, 30 January Reply

    What exudes from your Nanny Search video is authenticy, a sense of freedom, playfulness, family values, strength, determination, wanderlust, high energy, and love.
    These combined are attractive to a lot of people.
    So as long as that keeps shining through that social media “test tube” will be like a portal of love and encouragement from people around the world.
    Millenials are awesome! For the first time in history we have the ability to have endless amounts of info at our finger tips, travel around the world with ease, be witness to many different versions of entrepreneurs( Richard Branson is one of my faves). Find ourselves through listening too mega motivational speakers like Tony Robbins. And how can we forget the all inspiring movie The Secret! Talk about setting the tone for last 15 years.

    I think that your journey around the world will not only bring you together as a family, but it will bring the world together. And hopefully it will inspire people to do something similar.

    We are all one big tribe coexisting.

    ☮️Amanda Leith

  • Stephanie Leigh Maratea
    Posted at 19:58h, 30 January Reply

    A big fat “Amen, Sista!!” to each word. THIS is how life should be lived… No limitations or abiding by expectations.

  • Heather
    Posted at 20:38h, 30 January Reply

    I think your video went viral because for one, no one has done what you are projecting to do. This made not only nannies view your intenations but, everyone of curiosity of who and what your family is all about. From this, you have not only had good vibes, but vibes from which I think might be thought of as pretentious by some. You are doing something very unique that may just be the start of a new dimension in families all over the world!
    As for us as nannies, this is an opportunity of a life time for us to see the world and do what we love to do. Be a nanny!? (I did apply as well)
    As a nanny we do get chances to travel with families. However, not for the duration and adventures that you are offering.
    I’m sure you have inspired many families on how they can enrich their lives and to have abundance for thir families as well.

  • Sarah-Jane Cruz
    Posted at 20:41h, 30 January Reply

    I think the thing that pulled me in and attracted me to your “movement” was how many different opportunities it presents in one. I’ve been traveling the world for the past several years and it’s been a really great experience! And while you can develop community around you and build friendships where you go, there’s something to be said about bringing your community with you. I love my family! Honestly the longer I’m gone it seems the closer we become. But they’ve never really been one for traveling and adventures (I guess I’m sort of the black sheep in that regard). And honestly I just think traveling with a family, seeing the world with a family, being part of your family would be such a rich and new experience that sounds so amazing to be apart of! Your open-mindedness to the way the world works is what pulled me in, your charisma and love for life is what kept me around, and your passion for doing life differently with your family and redefining the way the world sees it is what makes me long to join you and has me praying that God gives you tunnel vision to my application packet. So you say you want to know what it is that made this so globally successful and attracted people from all over the world…I think it’s you! As a fellow millennial who’s tired of hearing our generation bashed (The Who’s “My Generation”, anyone?), I applaud you for wanting to give us all a better name! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get the Toys-R-Us song out of my head. ?

  • Caris
    Posted at 23:45h, 30 January Reply

    I grew up in the “read 30 books for the month and get a reward” generation. I think it birthed in us a restless wanderlust and desire to explore and satiate our curiosities. It also opened my eyes to the futility of trying to catch a dream while behind a desk. Yes! People can. But to just work to pay bills – to just sustain life rather than reach for whatever however is possible. For creating possibilities … And I think most of the time we get out of college and realize that it’s not actually that easy to break off norms of bills and desks. The rent and insurance have to be paid. And the webs of life often get us stuck. I think your video was just a fresh reminder that we can throw off everything that hinders and run a different kind of life if we choose. And I think hope is what makes your video so attractive. In a way it is definitely a video about a job. But when you have two young enthusiastic people with a beautiful family and this epic trip and an invitation to join it seems like an invitation to go to Disneyland. In reality, it’s not going to be all magic dust and the romance of travel – but the energy and vision that you present gives the same feeling of watching a good movie. Honestly. It’s the call to hope -that’s locked inside the looks and the pictures and your voices as you share your dream. Its the way others see you that you may not be able to see yourselves. And with sharing your story it’s a call to join hope.
    That’s why it’s going viral.

  • Zachariah Handran
    Posted at 01:05h, 31 January Reply

    It is nice to see a dream being done.

  • Lourdes
    Posted at 01:12h, 31 January Reply

    Hello Five Take Flight Gang!

    I like all the questions within your post they make for great conversation. I think you have deep rooted values that you are not willing to compromise and that’s admirable. I think like you mentioned previously your family is foremost of importance and the bonds will tighten as you embark on a journey. A marvelous one that will be followed by many. You are spirited individuals, all of you and I’m excited to watch that journey unfold.

  • Laura Barclay
    Posted at 01:29h, 31 January Reply

    I absolutely love your outlook!
    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Sarah Jean Meyer
    Posted at 02:05h, 31 January Reply

    Your video captured my attention for all of those reasons! And also the simple fact that you are actively pursuing your dream! There is something utterly human and innately wonderful about being witness to people’s dreams coming true. And the possibly opportunity, slim though it may be, to have a chance to pursue my own dreams of traveling the world while caring for children and getting to meet all kinds of people, well there’s nothing more awesome than that. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see all the Europes‽

  • Gay Summers
    Posted at 03:52h, 31 January Reply

    Nothing can go wrong really … Not that’s within your control …. you have passion, courage, a strong vision of how you want your life to be with a huge smattering of love and positivity. Those qualities will draw equally wonderful people and experiences into your lives. I’m afraid I was unable to send my video to you….even my children and grandchildren didn’t succeed with the task. Please remember though that I would love to host you all in NZ. Arohanui Gay

  • Gay Summers
    Posted at 03:52h, 31 January Reply

    Nothing can go wrong really … Not that’s within your control …. you have passion, courage, a strong vision of how you want your life to be with a huge smattering of love and positivity. Those qualities will draw equally wonderful people and experiences into your lives. I’m afraid I was unable to send my video to you….even my children and grandchildren didn’t succeed with the task.
    Aroha uni Gay

  • Joanna Vandervalk
    Posted at 04:57h, 31 January Reply

    Your video caught my attention because I felt like the description you gave of your family dynamic and what the nanny job would entail was a perfect fit and a perfect description of who I am and what I stand for (which is why I immediately applied! :D) I’m so excited to follow along on your adventures with your family and whoever you choose as your travel nanny!

  • Lauren Schour
    Posted at 05:14h, 31 January Reply

    Well written and relatable to so many people!

  • Jacquelyn
    Posted at 05:35h, 31 January Reply

    As a family who travels a lot, I’ll be following your journey in hopes of more family travel ideas, and hope to see you in some places that will bring memories of our time there!

  • Kay
    Posted at 09:53h, 31 January Reply

    I love these times we’re living in and am also so grateful! Moved abroad when I was twenty and a lot of people said, “awesome, but I could never do that!” Those same people comment on my facebook pictures and say, “so jealous.” I say, “Where there’s a will there’s a way” ?

  • Joanna Vermeulen
    Posted at 11:48h, 31 January Reply

    I loved the article for many reasons but most of all I feel that the nucleus of your family is your home. It is internal not a physical place.
    I grew up on a large dairy farm in Nova Scotia. The whole family interacted all day, everyday. Yes, there were outside projects and different locations but we worked and played, planned and grew together. In this age the world is available to explore and experience and is your family’s life and living. To a certain extent your “farm”.
    I have worked with kids in movies, large musicals, opera, on military bases, on farms, when their family members are hospitalized and of course, in schools and more formal settings. Children adapt to settings and situations readily and enthusiastically. Their point of view is direct and honest. The consistency they require is the love and support of caring adults.
    Your article is well written and illustrates your conviction that this is a good choice for your family. It shows a strength and trust in your relationship. Many people would not be brave enough to take this project on, there will be criticism and things will go wrong, but from your writing, I feel that you will handle that in the same way you will handle delayed flights and ear infections.
    I know that I responded to your posting because I admire and would love to be part of it. I don’t post videos of myself working with children because they are not my children their privacy is part of everything that I protect when I am with them.
    I wish you great success with your adventure.

  • Brea
    Posted at 16:36h, 31 January Reply

    Just like any generation there are qualities of our time that both help and hinder, it’s the heart of a person which determines what to do with the tools at hand.
    I also have made sacrifically, “unconventional” choices as you put it, to be close with my family. It’s the richest life can feel.

  • Noelle O'D-Burke
    Posted at 17:39h, 31 January Reply

    Is it the promise of possibilities that has sent your video viral? In this crazy world you exude a ‘can do’ attitude that is full of positivity & back to the basics of connection in society . Just consider all the positive, congratulatory well wishes your idea has attracted globally? Who knows how it will all unfold and at times may seem too much, but then there are always times in some days no matter where you are or what you are doing that feel like that. But the difference with Five Take Flight is that you are pioneers in this fabulous global living experience you are giving your little family & one very lucky plus one. Your ‘me’ generation attitude is what will get you through and making it is also just getting back to the basics of our long ago ancestors who forged ahead to make history, evolve and survive in new ways. Wishes for the most amazing & enriching family & individual experiences to you all

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