We are a family of five with stories of struggle and strength. With a father named Derek, mother named Kenzie, brothers Porter and Beckett, and our little sister Wren. We sold our home to move abroad for one full year. Starting in the summer of 2017  until the summer of 2018. We went to 38 countries in 54 weeks. We took 53 airplane rides, slept in over 75 different beds, and we all got sick 2 times! Now we are starting the process of building our new home in the mountains of Utah.

In our home we have permission to be ourselves and belong as we are. Our motives are to engage with the world from a place of love, from a sense of worthiness, and compassion. As we teach our children social virtues, relating to thoughts and actions, we hope to create a functioning generation in them. It is our hope that in a shrinking world our children, through their travels, will have broader minds.