Amalfi Coast in 3 days with kids

We spent a week on the Amalfi Coast which seemed perfect, honestly. You can watch our week here. However, if I were to compress our time into a 3 day trip this would be my tips for the area.

Fly into Naples. It is a great airport for kids. Small, easy to get through and complete with a playground outside and good restaurants.

We rented a car and drove. I would not recommend this for ALL families. For us it was great. We like our flexibility and we are confident drivers. However, the roads are tiny, Italians drive fast and crazy, it is very congested, and you will have to pay for parking. If this sounds like a nightmare to you there are several buses, boats, or trains that will safely transport you wherever you need to be. Once you pick your city a bus, boat, and possibly a train can take you there and from there you can get to everything by ferry boat (or Private boat) on the water! Which is the ideal way to see the area.

We decided to stay in the city Sorrento on the coast because it was the biggest city. Offering the most kid friendly options in restaurants, activities, and over all conveniences.


Amalfi Coast, Italy


Day one

Itinerary: Pompeii to Sorrento





What is it: An ancient Roman City near Naples. It was mostly destroyed and buried under 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) of volcanic ash from mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Objects buried beneath Pompeii were well-preserved for almost 2,000 years. The lack of air and moisture let objects and people remained underground with little to no deterioration. It is the best preserved city around and worth seeing for sure! I recommend flying into Naples and heading 30 minutes outside the city to see Pompeii on your way to the coast. It is situated right in the middle of Naples and The Amalfi Coast making  it a perfect little stop.

Admission: Adults are 13,00 €

Students and members of the EU 7,50 € 

Kids under 18 FREE

Recommended Duration: 1-4 hours





What is it: A town  along the high cliffs above the sea. This is the largest town in the region with luxury hotels and a great port area with ferries and hydrofoil boats to connect you to Naples, and any other towns along the coast.

Admission: This depends on your hotel and your type of transportation. Public boats are relatively in-expensive and efficient. Private boats have all the perks and control that I find relaxing when traveling with kids.

Recommended Duration: We spent all our nights in Sorrento but you could easily experience the city in one day.


Day Two

Itinerary: Boat out to Capri




What is it: Along the high cliffs above is a stunning island, Capri that is a 30 minute boat ride from Sorrento. Rent yourself a private boat! I am telling you it is truly the best way to see it – Kids or not. *Overall we decided the best way to enjoy the whole coast is to rent a nice boat and live on the water cruising around. Most of the treasures of the Island can only be seen from the water. Your boat captain can take you to see the beautiful wonders all around. The top things to see are the Blue Grotto, Green Grotto, and Faragilioni (pictured above).

Admission: Depends on your boat. There are several companies. Most charge a standard price of 80 euros a person

Recommended Duration: One full day


Day Three

Itinerary: Drive or take a boat up the coast to the cities Positano and Amalfi




What is it: Positano and Amalfi are both darling villages located in the hills of the coast. You can get to them by boat or driving. The road there is incredible to drive, truly stunning and impressive but again if you are not a confident driver it can be dangerous and not worth the stress. We drove and it was a fun experience. They also have buses that drive these crazy roads. If you get car sick be warned. These are extremely windy roads but the buses can take you to all the cities along the coast. You can also rent day boats and cruises to take you up the coast for the day, like I said if I were to come back I would rent a boat to live on the water and then sail into these little villages.

Admission: Again depends on what you choose. Boat, rental car, or bus? Bus is the cheapest for sure but as far as the most enjoyable . . .

Recommended Duration: One full day

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