Amsterdam in 3 days

I was in  Amsterdam as a college student studying abroad and I feel like I’ve seen two sides to this city. There is the crazy scene but there is also a very family friendly aspect to the area too. We spent 5 days in Amsterdam and if I were to compress our time into 3 days this is what I would recommend. You can also watch our Vlog here




This is a walkable city so we mainly used our legs to get around. There are also free boats by the train station that can shuttle you to different parts of the area. Taxi’s are really expensive in this city, the starting meter price is 7.50.



Day one

Pancake Boat Tour,  Shopping down Kalverstraat Street


Pancake Boat


What is it: Pancake boat tour is an all you can eat boat cruise that departs at several different times during the day. We did mid afternoon but I could see the evening being a nice time to go. On board you have all you can eat pancakes and will find a ball pit for kids. It is located in the basement of the boat and is open the last 45 minutes of the cruise. The ball pit was great because the kids where entertained while the adults could chat and enjoy the scenery above.  You can visit their website here.

Admission: Adults € 25,50 Children 3-11  € 20,50

Duration: Boat tour is 1.5 hours


Kalverstraat Street


What is it: Is a fun pedestrian walking street. It is close to the train station and has a mix of boutiques and department stores. Like Kalverstraat Street many roads in the center of the city are closed to cars which makes life so much easier to shop. The streets are charming to walk through in this area as they wind along. It is very picturesque to see even if you don’t do any shopping.

Admission: Whatever you buy!

Duration: half day



Day two

Ann Frank House, Tulip Museum,


Ann Frank House


What is it:  Ann Frank is a Jewish girl who had to go into hiding during the Second World War Nazi occupation. This is the house where she and another family where in hiding for months before being discovered and deported to concentration camps. While in hiding Ann began a diary of her time in hiding but never managed to finish it. She was discovered and arrested before its completion. Her Father, the only one to survive the war, finds her diary and has it published. It is an incredible experience to walk through her house and see her room, her growth chart, etc..

After Ann Frank grab lunch right outside the museum before heading off to the Tulip Museum down the street.

Admission: Tickets must be purchased ONLINE. Website is here

Adults: euro 9,-
Age 10-17: euro 4,50
Age 0-9: free

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours


Tulip Museum


What is it: It is conveniently located down the block from the Ann Frank House and incase you didn’t know Tulips are one of the main exports of the Netherlands. Even if you’re not a gardener this museum was fun and full of interesting information. My favorite part is the store where you can see and purchase some pretty unique and incredible Tulip bulbs from all around the world.  Check out their website here

Admission: Single ticket  €5.00. Families of three or more pay €15.00. Students pay €3.00

Duration: 30 minutes



Day three

I AMSTERDAM sign, Van Gogh Museum


I Amsterdam Sign


What is it: This is very iconic spot in Amsterdam. This sign is a fun climbing gym for young and old and worth a picture at for sure.  During high tourists seasons the sign can be ridiculously crowded.  My biggest tip is to take a picture from the back of the sign and then flip the picture on your computer or phone. That’s what we did in the above picture! The area itself has plenty to see from several museums such as the Banksy, Van Gogh, and Rijksmuseum. During the Christmas season there is an iceskating rink.

Admission: Free

Duration: 20-30 minutes


Van Gogh Museum


What is it: This area has a lot of museums but with kids we only did one and we did the most visually stimulating, The Van Gogh. It has the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh paintings  and it has several interactive components for children. There are microscopes to look at the brush strokes up close, tablets with different games and art information for the kids to discover, and telephones scattered in the museum that when picked up will read letters written by Vincent to different people during the course of his life.

Admission: Adults € 17 Children 18 and under Free

Duration: 1.5-3 hours


Hope you enjoy your time in this beautiful city!

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