Bedtime in Scandinavia

I’ve mentioned that summer in Scandinavia is unique because it stays light pretty much all night. Well it’s messing with my bedtime routine! My kids have always gone to bed easily. Of course it’s because ¬†of my extremely great parenting skills . . . which aren’t as great as I thought because that hasn’t been happening here. When I try to implement bed time Porter informs me that it isn’t dark yet. I try and explain that it never gets dark here but that falls on deaf ears. So, neeedless to say the boys wrestle and jump all over their room like monkeys until about 10 p.m. I shut the door and wash my hands of anything that happens. Unless it includes stitches.

This extra day light makes us super productive because we are never aware of how late it really is. Thanks to this we now have a cute video of Wren on her first international flight. You’re welcome! On a side note Icelandic Air is very kid friendly. When the kids got onboard the plane they were given personal lunch boxes and little travel backpacks filled with all sorts of games, headphones, and art to help pass the time. Oh and just to seal the deal all the airports, so far, have baby strollers placed conveniently all around for use! I mean come on! It’s like airport heaven for mom’s.

Five Take Flight Faves

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