Best Travel Shoes

Shoes are the most important travel item you can bring. Their comfort and durability greatly affects your quality of travel. Now how can we narrow down our shoe selections for some practical packing? Shoes are always one of the 3 heaviest packing items and the most commonly overpacked item too! So, I am here to offer some insights and shoe guidance. I traveled with 3 pairs of shoes for 54 weeks and I always felt prepared for every activity we did.


In my opinion you need 3 types of shoes when you travel which can cover a wide range of activities.


  1. Sandals/that also act as dress shoes

  2.  Boots/tennis shoe

  3.  Casual pair of slip ons





You want a sandal that is beach ready but also city appropriate. ECCO is known for being the walking company for a reason. Their shoes are comfortable and stylish. I used and abused the ECCO Felicia Casual Sandal. They worked well with dresses, beach days, and jeans. They’ve held up wonderfully and after 54 weeks on the road I still have them and use them.




My Other favorites from ECCO are:






Boots are my weakness. I love that they make me feel chic and they are very practical for cobblestones, cold weather, and mild outdoor trails. I live and die by Sorel Boots.  They go the distance in comfort, style, waterproof, and versatility! My favorite pair at the moment are WOMEN’S JOAN OF ARCTIC™ WEDGE II. They are waterproof and offer great support. I lived in these for months while in Europe.




Other Favorites from Sorel – which come in several color options are:



Casual slip on Walking shoes


The shoe I love more than any other shoe to date are Reikers. They are the most light weight shoe I’ve ever found and walking in them is honestly a pleasure. My most faovrite travel shoe is the Reiker Black Sling Black . These are my casual pair of slip ons that worked perfectly with a dress, shorts, or pants.



Other Favorites from Reiker






Five Take Flight Faves

  • Ella Ha
    Posted at 14:47h, 18 September Reply

    I’ve travelled for a year with 2 pairs, flip-flops and boots, whereas you could do everything in flipflops: cities, hiking… as long as you don’t care looking good all the time. 😅

  • Mckenzie Tillotson
    Posted at 14:48h, 18 September Reply

    Ok very valid point! Never underestimate the power of the flip flop!

  • Sarah Schofield
    Posted at 15:10h, 18 September Reply

    I travelled for a year and took flip flops/ walking boots and a pair of trainers…. we didn’t really have the budget for glam nights out, so flip flops/ Birkenstocks were perfect! Each destination (and person) is different, I suppose!!!

  • Tracey Lowney
    Posted at 18:24h, 18 September Reply

    I don’t see any kind of shoes that you could have worn on the beach.. and also no sneakers? Wow..

  • Mckenzie Tillotson
    Posted at 18:27h, 18 September Reply

    Tracy Lowney I wore my ecco sandals on several beaches and they worked great!
    My Sorel Boots are hiking boots as well

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