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thank you!

We are overwhelmed and amazed by the number of people who have caught this dream with us. You sing better, make better movies,  take way better pictures than us, and are more qualified to watch our kids than we are! We are filled with appreciation. You are willing to leave your lives, friends, and families to be with us for a year.  There is no greater compliment.

We accidentally created a community with our Nanny Video.  I feel like we have made a huge worldly connection with kindred spirits. I want our viewers to feel like each time they come to our site or page that they can breath a sigh of relief, knowing that there will only be positive content and people here. I am doing this for my benefit but also for yours. I want you to feel like this is a safe place. That you won’t leave with any sort of hostility attached to your visit due to an unkind comment, thought, or remark. Dreams are sacred here, and we’ll never tear yours down.

This is my goal. Attainable? I think so.

Here are a few funny answers and stats from the survey that you filled out. Your answers and insights have been hilarious and inspirational.

For colors:
Listing the color as your first choice 4% of you like the color Red, Beckett’s favorite color

5 of you said, “Sorry boys…it’s pink!”
one person’s favorite color is salmon
one person said raspberry pink

Out of Characters:
two people are Rex from Toy Story

one person said they are 100% the Bird from the movie Up!

Your answers are captivating on why you would like to travel with us. We’ve decided to make an in home coffee table book on this response alone. It is just for our family to enjoy and reflect upon.  We hope that is Ok.

We are all discovering what life truly has to offer us personally. We hope that your course will migrate with ours and that might not be physically.

We can’t control everything that happens to us in life. Our control is in our desires, the purity of our motives, and the wholeheartedness of our efforts. Still, let us all take flight together. Let us start with fulfilling our lives and see where it takes us.

October Flight

Blackbirds, come out and finish your play in the October air.

Fly above our heads, like ever changing clouds in the sky.

Moving shade from corner to corner of our life.

The breeze is just right and the sun is in constant supply.

My summer colored skin is getting ready to migrate too. Thankfully.

It’s been a hard year.

It’s still a hard year.

But today riding along with him I realized everything, eventually, turns to healing.

Where the rubber meets the road.

It is a stretch your arms and legs kind of ride.

Where beauty looks the same from one mile to the next

And when the birds return in spring along with the fresh leaves,

I hope the new landmarks we are slowly creating won’t confuse them.

I hope they’ll tell me of their new travels to lands of reds, browns, and greens from this past winter.

And I’ll be able to say, eventually, everything is healed.