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I’ll be doing one post a day highlighting a different country that one of YOU sent me information about. Next up for Christmas around the world Emma from Sweden shares the traditions and customs of the holidays in her country.  Thank you for adding to the magic of the season!

In Sweden they celebrate Christmas or “Jul” as they call it on Christmas Eve. In Emma’s family on the 24th, in the morning, a traditional lunch is to eat “julkorv” (Christmas sausage), boiled potatoes and brussel sprouts. At 3 pm children and adults gather around the tv and watch Donald Duck  and his friends celebrating Christmas (this is not a joke, everyone in the country watches this at 3 pm). After this, Jultomten  (Santa Claus), dressed as a classic Santa Claus knocks on the door and gives everyone 1 gift each. Usually Santa Claus gets a cookie or a candy as a thank you for coming. After he leaves gifts are exchanged amongst the family before a traditional dinner consisting of  homemade Swedish meatballs, Janssons temptation (basically potatoes and sardell) made in the oven, “rödbetssallad” (beetroot salad) “prinskorvar” (mini sausages) and homemade bread (grandmother’s recipe).

On December 13th they also celebrate “Lucidagen” the day of Lucia. Italians celebrate this day too but differently. You can read about it here. Children dress up, usually girls with a white dress and a crown with (fake) candles on their head or they hold a candle. The boys are dressed as stjärngossar (starboys). They wear a white cone with golden stars on it or dress as gingerbread boys and sing Christmas songs in Swedish and give people “lussebullar” (buns with saffron), “glögg”, coffee and “pepparkakor” (gingerbread cookies).

Hope you found this fun and entertaining. As they say in Sweden God Jul (Merry Christmas)!

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