Comparing Airbnb to a hotel or a resort

I am often asked  what the best type of accommodations are for travel. Of course this depends on personality, family travel or solo travel, and your price point! So I figure that I will give you my pro’s and con’s of staying in a Resort, Hotel, and AirBnb and you can apply it to your situation. Ready?

Now sometimes the CONS can be PROS depending on the situation






We recently stayed at the Ritz Carleton in Dubai. It was a beautiful resort in the desert. Exceptional staff and family friendly.


No rental car: Resorts offer free pickup and drop off to and from the resort. This can save a lot of $$$

You don’t need to pay for food: Cutting food costs can be huge. You can have a lot of variety in a Resort. I can eat Crepes while my kids eat pizza. We all win. You can eat buffet style or make a reservation at one of several restaurants at the resort

All your needs are in one place: You don’t need to travel for anything outside the resort which is very convenient when you have kids! Not having to pack up a day bag, a stroller, carseat, or whatever else is very stress free. You can take a yoga class, get a massage, swim in an ocean or pool all without having to walk very far.

Most resorts have kid clubs! These always have great activities that range from play, art, and toys!

Your room is being cleaned daily

You get to know the staff more than with a hotel

Onsite medical assistance! We have thankfully only used this feature once in the Solomon’s when we stayed at the Royal Casino Resort. Derek was sick and they arranged for medical attention. Takes the stress out of what could already be a stressful situation.




Degree of Isolation: You don’t experience the culture because you are within the resorts world

Can’t buy your own snacks or grocery items, diapers, etc… If they have a mini mart on the resort most of the time the prices are very high.

Cabin fever. This sometimes happens to us. We are what some would call active people so spending time in one area for days doesn’t really relax us it makes us feel a little antsy.

Buffet’s I put in the con’s because have you ever tried to do a buffet line with kids? It can be a nightmare holding a your plate, their plate, making sure they don’t touch something they shouldn’t . . .  you get the idea.

No washing machine. This can be a problem depending on how long you are traveling for or if you’re traveling with kids. Laundry services at resorts can be pricey.

Resorts in general have the highest prices than any other accommodations






Easy check in. You show up get your room key and away you go. You don’t have to wait for and Airbnb check in or a tour of the resort.

Your room is being cleaned daily like in a resort

Wide price range! There are so many hotel options there is something for every budget.

Having a Concierge to help you with local dining, transportation, etc . . .




Cabin fever with kids, kids get antsy being in one room and unless it you are in a big room or suite those rooms can be pretty tiny!

Not being able to make your own food- most hotel rooms don’t have the option of a little kitchenette

Meals can be really expensive if you eat at the hotel (location)

Most hotels have one menu option which you can get sick of pretty quickly

No washing machine. This can be a problem depending on how long you are traveling for or if you’re traveling with kids. Laundry services at hotels can be pricey.






Home comforts and home environment: This is mainly huge for us because it is better for our kids

Wide range of dwellings

Wide range of price

Tuned into the local scene:

Big living space to fit your group

You are able to make your own food instead of constantly eating out.

You can pick homes with washing machines which is great with kids because they can sometimes go through several outfits in a day.




No standard Expectations: Salt, oil, garbage bags, dish soap, or the cleanliness of  a home range widely.

Check in:  More steps. Sometimes you have to meet the person, which after a long travel day can be a long task. Especially if they are running late or want to talk you through every aspect of the home.

People go on vacation to get away from escape home problems and sometimes staying in someone’s home “home problems” will arise. The internet going out, angry neighbor, etc.. domestic problems follow you into an airbnb

Thermostat: You will never run into this issue in a hotel or resort but a lot or Aribnb’s will be very clear about not changing the temperature of the home. Which can be very uncomfortable if it’s set to high or low to your liking.

You need to do all your own cleaning. There is no maid service so it’s up to you to maintain it and tidy it up when leaving.  There is a cleaning cost that go into Airbnb’s but most renters have very clear rules on how they want the home left. Some want all the dishes done, the fridge emptied out, or all garbage taken out. Other’s don’t specify any cleaning and are less picky. Just depends on the host.



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  • Sandie Tillotson
    Posted at 14:08h, 18 April Reply

    Very informative … I think I’ll take the .. Resort ! Ha

  • Christine Whitlock
    Posted at 14:47h, 27 April Reply

    This is a great balance of pros and cons of each. In the end, it is truly about preference and what works. I may be the only person in America who does not like the concept of AirBNB (which is not really new). We do like having the larger space, but it ends up being a headache in one shape or form. I don’t go away to clean where I am staying. I personally prefer hotels with my kids at this stage in my life. Clean room, try to find ones that have breakfast and they are becoming very unique in their own right!

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