Copenhagen in 3 days with kids

We spent one week in Copenhagen, Denmark with my kids ages 6, 4, and 1. This city is famous for the writer/story teller  Hans Christine Anderson. That alone was fun for the kids as we realized how many stories of his we know! At night we would read a story by him before bed. He did such tales as The Ugly Duckling, Princess and the Pea, The Little Mermaid, Emperor’s New Clothes, and Thumbelina .The metro is very fast and simple to use. It is probably the most expensive metro I’ve come across so far so keep that in mind when planning, however kids travel free on it. If I were to compress our time into a 3 day trip here this is what I would recommend.

You can watch our Vlog of the trip here


Day 1


In the center of the city is a very delightful old fashioned amusement park called Tivoli Gardens. It has all the fun and charm you can imagine. You could easily spend a full day here riding their vintage ferris fheel and exploring the the grounds.

A block from Tivoli is a very famous and elegant shopping street called Stroget street. I highly recommend taking in the eye-catching buildings and shops in this area. Scandinavia is known for design and there are some very fun and unique stores. My personal new favorite is Søstrene Grene.



Day 2


Take a boat tour through the canals of the city. It is a great way to take in a lot of famous landmarks without having to walk the kids everywhere. I would recommend a company like Duffy Boats.  . Do yourself a favor and rent a covered boat with a captain. You never know the weather and we happen to go on a rainy day. Let me tell you all those people on an open cabin boat looked pretty miserable. Add in wet and cold kids, it’s basically torture. Duffy boats also had tables on board so we packed a picnic along for the 2 hour tour. Another bonus to this is you can customize what you would like to see. We wanted to see the famous Mermaid Statue without being on the extremely crowded shoreline. So we had our captian drive us right up to it and we were the only boat there. Another bonus is you can be dropped off wherever you want. We got off at the very touristy but beautiful Nyhavn (New Harbor) street to take in all the bright beautiful homes along the canal. This whole area is a great walking area with amazing bridges and architecture. Great place to finish the day and get dinner.





Day 3


Take a quick metro ride outside  the city to the Den Bla Planet Aqarium (Blue Planet Aquarium). Especially if you are there during poor weather. I am normally not too impressed by Aquariums, however this one did not disappoint! The kids loved it and so did I. Or I would take in a museum. All national museums in Denmark have a free access policy for kids under 18! I mean come on! They are:

National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen
National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen
Open Air Museum, Lyngby
Danish Music Museum, Copenhagen
Post and Telegraph Museum, Copenhagen
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen
Royal Arsenal Museum, Copenhagen
The Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen
Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry, Hørsholm
Royal Danish Naval Museum, Copenhagen
Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen
Museum of Copenhagen, Copenhagen
Dansk Landbrugsmuseum (Danish Agricultural Museum), Auning




Let me know if there is anything else you would add to this post! Happy Adventuring

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