Ergo Baby Carrier Review

I noticed that everywhere we go in Europe all the kids around Porter and Beckett’s age are walking! No strollers in sight! So, I’ve put my foot down and decided to leave the stroller at home. A lot of complaining, whining and groans of, “I’m tired!” pretty much made up the majority of outings at first. With the boys walking we decided to start using a baby carrier for Wren. In Denmark  Ergo sent me the  Ergo baby Omni 360 Baby Carrier 

I have now worn it for hours through Tivoli Gardens, Den Bla Planet (National Aquarium), several metro rides, and a lot of street walking. I get a lot of questions about what equipment we use while traveling so, I am going to do a quick review on the Ergo baby Omni 360.

The most important things for me in a baby carrier is


  1. How compact it is in our suitcase

  2.  How many different positions it offers


The baby carrier itself is light in weight. That’s a plus for keeping our luggage weight in check! I would say in regards to how compact it is it falls in the middle. We have carriers that are smaller (all though less comfortable) and we have a few other carriers that are equal in comfort to the Omni, but a lot bulkier.

The biggest pro of all for me is it is a forward facing baby carrier. No inserts or extra equipment needed. Wren is at an age where she needs to face out. She needs to see the world. On top of that it offers more positions than any carrier I’ve previously owned. It is easy to use and I would say it is made of high quality materials. I don’t see it wearing out before we are done using it.


The Con’s


  1. The fabric used would get really hot in warm climates. I’ve been in Copenhagen where it’s nice and cool (and rainy) so it has been perfect for keeping us both warm. If I were to wear it in hot weather I think I would have a big sweaty outline of where Wren was pressed against me.
  2. I have a small frame and have always had a problem with carriers not fitting me well. The Omni carrier synches down pretty small. However it is still a little big for my frame and I find a shoulder strap will occasionally slip off.


I am going to continue traveling with it and using it because I love the all carry positions that it offers. Right now you can get free shipping if you use the link below. Happy Exploring!

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