First Nanny Trip

We did our test trip this week with Alaire our Nanny. No banana grams was played which made it a complete success! That was a joke because the first time we met her she schooled us at the game ( you can read about it here). It would have been a success either way. It was spring round up at the ranch. We worked 90 cows and 90 calves – not something I think Alaire was prepared for – but she stepped in with her smile and cute boots that may or may not recover from the adventure. Spending time with her eased a lot of my fears and made me excited to have her around as a friend and to help make this year easier. We both love a good tea, chit chat, and warm weather.

I watched her treat my boys like capable people – and you know what  -they are capable of doing everything she asked of them.

As part of the round up process we sort the babies from the moms for medical attention and to get accurate numbers on both. During all this cow time my mind went on quite the tangent. My logic isn’t something worth sharing but it’s your lucky day…  I found it interesting that cows don’t have the intelligence to match their bodies.  With their size and strength they don’t have the mental capacity to form a collective group. If they decided to band together they could break through anything to get to their young.

We have the intelligence so how we act can make a difference when we unify. I am not a protestor. I feel like they are mostly negative. It is a great time for people to physically come together but I would like to see a vision and action behind it. Because we should be judicious when we unite on a cause.  Solve a problem through movement; go and pick up garbage, do random acts of kindness, donate your time.  Give more to life in whatever cause you stand behind.

As we box up our house and embark on this trip around the world, I hope we can do something that gives more to life. Aiding in the cause we stand behind.

And I bet you guys can’t wait to see what anecdotes I spin about cardboard boxes!

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    I want work as a nanny

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