Full of Living

This is my life

The traveler’s life

It is full of adventure

Full of smiles

Full of littles

Full of love

Full of home

I roam with my five year old Porter. Soaked from head to toe with a giant grin on his face, as we race the cobblestones streets, wheels getting caught in the cracks.

I wander with crying babies on the Metro and sleeping toddlers in the streets.

I am here to show the beauty of the world. I’m making my journey from good to better. I hope to continually see artistry, feel the adventure, and love each other through new places in the world. A calm lasting love. One to look back on and nostalgically feel complete contentment.

With this blog I am going to be stopping every few miles to stand still, so I can see how far I have come. Let the undertaking begin.

Five Take Flight Faves

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