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We worked with a great PR company on one trip called Roamtravel PR. They reached out to me for an interview about full time travel and I thought I would share it with you guys!





Most people think that committing to a family means the end of their freedom to travel and reach certain goals. This family’s feed is a sigh of relief. While looking for their nanny, we couldn’t help but reach out to mother Kenzie to learn more about them.

The @fivetakeflight isn’t your average family. They’re everything you’ve dreamt of and more! The family of five sold their home and moved abroad for one year to engage with the world as they teach their children compassion and to create broader minds. They wanted a life of memories rather than things, so they built a product distribution business over the years that eventually expanded to over 20 countries. So quit scaring yourself that having a family will keep you grounded in one spot and hear what this family has to say as I, myself, have a few questions to ask:


What are your thoughts on Instagram’s new strategies? (Algorithm, paid partnerships, etc.)


Oh the ever-changing algorithm of Instagram, what use to work last week no longer applies the following week. So, it’s important to follow through and see where and how your posts are appearing. Then modify and make necessary changes so your viewers are seeing your posts. Most important is stick with the simple things like knowing your audience, knowing the best time to post, consistency, and engagement.  All the rest will follow.




I absolutely love your perspective on not limiting travel to a couple weeks per year! At what point will you have felt like you’ve conquered your goal for your children?


Traveling the world is a dream that we are fulfilling sure, but a bigger dream for us is to have a healthy, happy family. I am not traveling the world with my children so that they can say they have been to all of these places as adults. I am doing it to create UNITY and a BOND for my family.

We felt like we were becoming to busy with our lives and worried that we would lose our family if we didn’t take some time to create solidarity before our kids were grown. We decided to become professional parents for a year, with some nanny help-obviously. If I invest in this time with my family while my children are young, then hopefully it will generate a link that will give us support and love for the rest of our lives. So, I think I will have conquered my goal when I see us all going to one another for help, advice, friendship, and guidance. I always think of this quote

“It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.” -Ann Landers:



What’s Porter, Beckett (and Wren’s) favourite place so far?


Porter’s favorite place is at the Oravea Cottage in the Solomon Islands. It was a water bungalow on a private island and he snorkeled from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. The kid was in heaven swimming with sharks, fish, giant clams, and his trusty water flash light.


Beckett loved Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. He talks non-stop about some rollercoaster he went on that the rest of us don’t really remember.


Wren’s favorite place is with her dad! Seriously she is a daddy’s girl all the way.



 What’s the most family-friendly place you’ve visited and/or see yourselves settling for some time? Why?


The truth is people love kids everywhere no matter how family friendly the country is. But the places we’ve felt to be the most family oriented are Copenhagen, Fiji, Norway, Lisbon, Berlin, New Zealand, Singapore, Oman, and Madrid. I do have a blog post on the least child friendly places that you can read about here!

The only country we ever see ourselves settling in is New Zealand. It has all the outdoor elements that we love! There are incredible mountains for hiking, biking, and climbing, along with beaches for swimming and scuba diving. All packaged up with incredible wildlife and friendly locals.



Let’s face it. Your hands are full. How do you find time to stay active on the road?



Routine is important for young and old alike. I find doing a morning routine really helps center and ground me. So, I work out and I listen to a meditation podcast every morning to start my day. Some days my workout is just stretching but even the simplest movements help.



What’s one piece of advice you would tell other families aspiring to do the same with Travel?



Look for ways to realize your dreams and then devise time to do it. Because the things you really want, you can’t talk yourself out of.  Then remember that when you make an unconventional choice people will have a lot of opinions and “concerns”. Realize this is them experiencing your decision through their emotions. It’s their fears about your situation and THEIR FEARS ARE NOT YOUR FEARS.



What’s one thing you hear the most from other families?



Oh I love this one! I constantly hear, “But the Children will never remember!” Can I be cynical and say, “who cares if they don’t remember, I will!”

But on a more serious note; more than memories I want to create connection to this planet for them. I hope travel teaches them to listen to people. Listen in order to understand them and take in their perspective. I want them to be compassionate to all different ways of living, cultures, beliefs, and the environment. So they can withhold judgments, mourn with others, and be loving humans. In new places I try very hard to keep my perspective to myself so they can form their own unbiased thoughts. One great example of this happened in the Pacific Islands. My oldest Porter has very olive skin and tans beautifully. We kept complimenting him on how great his tan was as we moved from island to island. When we got to the Solomon’s we were the only white people anywhere and every one else had very rich ebony colored skin. When my six-year-old saw this all he said was, “WOW they have great tans! That’s lucky huh?”

They might not remember their travels as vividly as I will but they will have broader minds, which is what the world really needs.



What made you want to blog instead of just casually going about your travels?


It wasn’t planned! A video we posted asking for a travel nanny went viral and we ended up with over 24,000 applications for the job! During that time we also received THOUSANDS of loving and heartfelt messages from people literally all over the world. Messages saying we’d given them courage to go for a dream they had. Messages that said they grew up in homes filled with rage and hatred and didn’t know that a marriage could look like this.

We had so many say that when they watched our family’s videos they could feel our warmth and love and that’s when we realized there are a lot of people who need hope and love and they are getting that from us. There is a lot of bad out there so we decided to try and combat that by making some of the good. However, we put ourselves into a test-tube and under the magnifying glass of social media, which requires thick skin. Luckily, public outlook doesn’t really affect me because I am not the opinion of someone who has never met my kids or me. I don’t feel displaced with my life, but perfectly placed in the world.




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  • Sandie Tillotson
    Posted at 17:34h, 14 November Reply

    Great perspective on travel M”Kenzie. They will remember forever the love and joy they felt as they traveled. Well done ,mom and dad!

  • Crystal Palmer
    Posted at 19:35h, 14 November Reply

    The preschool teacher in me always told parents it’s about planting the seeds of who you want them to become. You don’t remember when you become a kind, generous, confident person, it’s a lifetime of growing and adapting to each season.

  • Debbie Martin
    Posted at 20:42h, 14 November Reply

    My kids were 5 & 7 when we had our first Expat assignment. We make videos and journal everything and the girls at 13 & 15 still vividly remember places from the videos and things they did or ate. We are on our 2nd international posting and they are still loving the adventures and on their 27 country to visit so far. Travel is what you make of it and put in it. We are blessed!

  • Mariam Suliman
    Posted at 20:42h, 14 November Reply

    Enjoyed your insight, sometimes I do feel like we’re so busy we’re losing time with one another but if you don’t make the time you will regret it so you’ve done an awesome job of that and believe me those kids will have taken away some valuable life lessons along the way which they will only see the benefit of in hindsight.

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