love is my motivation

It is as if a big wind blew from inland and scattered the coast out into the Adriatic Sea. Little islands glitter the cerulean blue water and the shoreline welcomes play with its rocky shore. The boys climb and hop from sea pool to sea pool looking for life and throwing rocks into the water. There is a medieval city here that bends over marble cobblestone that are worn so smooth I find myself slipping down the street in my flip flops. We are in a much lighter breeze and I feel warmth from the sun and the locals here in Rovinj, Croatia.

This week has been filled with more because family has joined us in Croatia. The boys are over the moon at having cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents here. I have two sister in laws here. I get along great with both of them for different reasons. Alisha and I can pass a fish pedicure sign and decide that that sounds like a great idea! Then spend 20 minutes shrieking at the top of our lungs over how awful it feels to have fish sucking on your toes. Trina and I can share a hotel room together giggling and talking the night away about motherhood and life.

Trina has been living by a motto for the past year and it’s simply “motivated by love.” ┬áBefore she speaks or does any sort of action she asks herself what is it motivated by? Is it love? To remind herself of this she bought a beaded bracelet that says ‘love’ on it. She has worn it everyday for the past year as a reminder to inspire this thought. Well today while shopping in the old part of the city I said something about her still wearing her bracelet and suddenly she took it off and put it on my wrist and said, “It’s yours now.”

So, I guess I’ll wear it until I can pass it on. I’ve always had this hole inside me where I need to feel like I am living a meaningful life and contributing to the world in a positive way…maybe with love as my daily motivation I can alleviate suffering and promote joy as I go about my life.

Five Take Flight Faves

  • Derek
    Posted at 22:40h, 15 August Reply

    Lovely imagery!

  • Helen Woolfe
    Posted at 23:34h, 15 August Reply

    As usual a great blog ! Your words truly make ME think about things to xx

    • Kenzie Tillotson
      Posted at 05:03h, 16 August Reply

      Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate when people take the time to leave a comment for me!

  • Sandie Tillotson
    Posted at 05:21h, 16 August Reply

    When “love” is the motivation.. it has got to be good ! Love you Kenzie – thanks for reminding me to always make love the reason !

  • Sarah Ferguson
    Posted at 15:48h, 16 August Reply

    I hope “Motivated by love” sticks with me. We should all strive to be a bit kinder in this crazy modern world.

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