meet our nanny Alaire

I’ve been dying for you guys to meet the nanny we picked and I figure now is as good a time as any to introduce her and let her introduce herself.

Something you should know right off the bat, she is a whiz at Bananagrams. I mean she is ridiculously good at the game. It was almost a strike against her actually. She literally started sand bagging a few games in. Letting Beckett sit on her lap and help her spell words…you guys this is a game where you are racing each other… and she has time to freaking get up and get Beckett a glass of water and still beat us. And no it’s not because we are really bad at the game- I know that’s what you’re all thinking. And no I won’t be packing the game along for the adventure.

But do you want to know the exact moment when I thought, “She is it.”  It was during our first interview together. I asked her to tell me about a hard decision she had made in her personal or work life and what the outcome of that decision was. She tenderly told me about the sudden passing of her father after her first year of college. She openly spoke of her grief, of living in a sad mind. Of navigating her depression. I’ve lost friends and loved ones unexpectedly. I suspect most of us have. I’ve mailed so many thoughts to the heavens and at one point in my life I spent months measuring my life in death, which I guess taught me how to measure my life.

Then she looked me straight in the eye and said, “The toughest decision I’ve ever made was months after his passing. I woke up one day and realized the sorrow wasn’t going to go away and I was going to have to CHOOSE to be happy. That was the best and toughest decision I ever made for myself. ” That’s when I felt pure sunshine from her as she broke me open with her words and I thought, “She is it.”

There’s no better way to introduce her then to let her introduce herself to y’all, so here’s Alaire:

What can I tell you about myself? Well, let’s start with, my name is Alaire- it’s pronounced like Uh- layer. I grew up in Sugar Land, Texas- where the sweetest people on earth are from. I grew up with five brothers, and yes I like playing sports, but also dressing up to go watch a musical. I love ice cream, brownies, and macaroni and cheese. One day I want to ride a zebra on the African savannah. I have a passion for teaching people new things, especially little kids. Making people smile and spreading happiness are a few of my favorite things and I believe it is the small things people do that make the difference. I love playing with kids and hearing them laugh. I believe life begins on the outside of your comfort zone. Traveling gives me joy, whether that’s traveling 20 minutes to buy my favorite soda, or backpacking through Europe for a week. I have a strong belief in God and in my faith and  I make charity and love for others a big part of my life. Work hard, play harder would describe my daily life this past semester! I worked two jobs, had an internship, took 20 credits in school– all while  making all A’s, maintaining friendships, and nurturing and making time for a new relationship. It’s been hard and challenging but the rewards are well worth it! If I had a moto it would be, “Adventure is out there!” from my favorite Disney movie Up.


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  • Kipp Deka
    Posted at 20:55h, 03 April Reply

    Thank you for sharing this powerful and beautiful story abut Alaire. I am giddy and happy for you, and so impressed you let your intuition /spirit guide you to making this decision. Now- six can take flight. I love you Kenzie- and. your entire family! Bon Voyage

    • Kenzie Tillotson
      Posted at 14:35h, 28 April Reply

      Thanks Kipp, I think you are

  • D.wedl
    Posted at 03:36h, 04 April Reply

    What a great story and Nanny! Fun and happiness to you all on your travels.

    • Kenzie Tillotson
      Posted at 14:34h, 28 April Reply

      Thank you!

  • Christina Tower
    Posted at 08:11h, 04 April Reply

    Nice to meet you, Alaire. Blessings!

  • Stef
    Posted at 15:02h, 04 April Reply

    Hello Fivetakeflights, eventually you will become 6 now. 🙂 I’m glad that after all the 24k plus applicants who applied,including me. You finally found the “right one” fit for a travel nanny, as I’ve said I’ll continue to admire your family, your charities and adventures in life. As to Alaire, congratulations to you, I know you are such a good person and you will take good care of the kids as you fullfill your job :), but not just a job but to embrace them like your own family :). God bless to all, hope to meet you all in person one day :). Love yah’all <3

    • Kenzie Tillotson
      Posted at 14:34h, 28 April Reply

      We will also embrace her like family too. I really do hope we meet in the near future. XOX

  • Marilyn J Gannon
    Posted at 04:32h, 17 April Reply

    Wow, I love zebras and what an idea to ride one on the African Savannah. I watched “UP” movie last night at 12 midnight while waiting for laundry to finish. Just me while son-in-law and 3 grandchildren were sleeping. My daughter was working. It was an adventure for someone who thought his life was over after his wife died. The new nanny is a girl after my own heart. I’m excited that your children will have her in their lives as you travel. Her faith and belief in God is the icing on the cake. Blessings to you all in you travels.

    • Kenzie Tillotson
      Posted at 14:33h, 28 April Reply

      Let’s hope we can make her Zebra dreams come true! We are very excited to have her with us this year through the fun times and the not so fun temper tantrum times too 🙂

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