Ahoy Mateys!

Have any of you had the opportunity to just sit and wait? Not like waiting for the light to turn green at a stop light, or waiting for the previews to pass while watching a movie, but actually sitting and taking the time to appreciate what is around you, who is around you, and what is about to happen. I did that this past weekend. My niece waited 5 days past her due date to come and join our family. Sitting and waiting was very hard for me. I didn’t want to just sit around knowing that the time I have with the people around me is so limited. I’ve never been an idle person. I like to fill my schedule with everything I need to do. I don’t like having free time because I know there’s always something to be done. But I did. I sat and played with my nephew, I played games with my mom, brother and sister in law, and I appreciated the quality time I got with them. The baby was born early Monday morning and I was so excited. My mom and I rushed to the hospital to meet the new little girl and she is just precious. We then started our drive back to Houston.

Tuesday morning, I spent time reminiscing over some of my childhood memories as I said good bye to my home. Texas has always been my home. My family lived there for a few years before I was born, then moved for work, my little brother and I were born, and then when I was two, we moved back to Texas. Good byes are hard, and knowing that this one is a final goodbye, made me pretty emotional.

I flew back to Utah later the next day, and two days later, Alex and I drove to Pirates Cove to spend the weekend with the Tillotson’s.

Pirates Cove was an absolute dream! Wake up, eat, swim, sleep, repeat: was our moto for the weekend. It was so nice to just relax by a pool, an ice cream cone in my hand, and my babe by my side. When we first arrived, Derek pulled me aside and said “Are you here as The Nanny, or my friend?” And I said “Both!” I didn’t actually do any nannying while we were there, it was fun to introduce myself and have the Tillotson’s friends and family respond with “Oh! Alaire, the Nanny! You’re the nanny!” It was also really good for Alex to come and get to know the Tillotson’s a little bit better. Playing with the boys was so much fun. I spent a day in town shopping with the girls and Alex hung out with Porter and Beckett for the afternoon. I came back and asked Porter if he had fun and he responded with yes, and Alex asked him if he was now his favorite because he played with him for like three whole hours. Porter said that I was still his favorite. Score one for Alaire!

Speaking of Alex, he’s incredible. He made sure to make every day special while we were there. Whether it was dinner out in the gazebo, calling me at 5 in the morning to wake me up to go see the sunrise, or surprising me with roses and cute love notes for date night. I am one lucky girl.

I’m excited for Father’s Day this weekend. Alex and I are going to spend time with my grandma and go to the cemetery to visit my dad. What are you giving your dad for Father’s Day? I hope it’s a hug!

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