Cabin Camping

“Come spend 9 days with my family in the cabin” he said, “it’ll be fun” he said.  *Face palm*

I’m just kidding! It really has been fun! We’ve been surrounded by four wheelers, kids, bugs, more kids, games, good food and floating down the river. It’s been really great to get to know Alex’s family more and have them see the two of us together. I was super nervous about coming and spending a week here, but now that I’ve been surrounded by a family that gives out so much love and laughter, I’m happy, not scared.


I’ve missed being around a big family. Growing up with 5 brothers was so fun, always had things to do and people to play with. Now, that I’m not living at home, but with roommates who have their own schedules, I do a lot of things on my own, or I’m so busy with work.


It’s also been a good reminder to focus on what is really important and appreciate the relationships I have. It’s kinda crazy that in just 11 days, I’ll be leaving all this behind to go take care of another family, and in a way, become apart of their family. I have been having some mixed feelings about that concept. Leaving something that finally became so good, for a potential so good.

But that’s when we know we’re going towards something amazing, right? If you’re scared, it just means you’re about to do something really, really brave.

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