Week Two: Selfoss, Iceland


We had wonderful hosts that took us under their wing and showed us their gorgeous homeland. Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing us with beautiful weather! It didn’t rain on us once, only when we were standing beneath the waterfall!

It was very serene and mesmerizing to see so many waterfalls. To see the water crashing down, over and over, becoming new all over again, I loved it. I want to do that in my life. I want each new day to bring new opportunities. I want a new growth every day.

Derek asked me what I thought of Iceland, and I responded with “I don’t see much ice, I think they should rename it to Fallsland!” Apparently I’m a little too punny for Derek, but what do you think? We went to so many waterfalls, even a waterfall we could walk BEHIND! It reminded me of an old movie I used to watch as a kid called, “Behind the Waterfall” where it taught you to believe in something much greater than yourself, and they end up finding treasure behind the waterfall. Anyway, I didn’t find literal treasure behind the waterfall, but I did find more appreciation for the beauty of this earth.

My favorite area was the Gnúpverjahreppur valley. There were so many streams, paths, dead ends, switchbacks, waterfalls, rocks, and everything was green! It was so beautiful. Being in this valley made my heart so happy, the earth really spoke to my soul.

The boys also loved being there. Running down the paths, crossing over the bridges and climbing up everything. They were having a field day! I teased them about the trolls that lived under the bridges and wanted to eat them. It made me feel like I was in Lord of the Rings or something. All in all, I never would have come to Iceland on my own, and I would have missed out! This place is phenomenal, definitely put it on your bucket list.

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