Good Bye And Hello

Do you or someone you know wear contacts or glasses? Are you tired of waking up blind? Are you tired of having dry, scratchy eyes from your contacts? Are you tired of having headaches from switching from contacts to glasses? Well I am. So good bye bad eyes! I went under the laser and fixed my eyes! Like I said in my last post, I chose to get my surgery done at the Eye Institute of Houston and Dr. Segal was fantastic. The procedure itself wasn’t bad, just a 15 minute surgery and Dr. Segal talked me through all the unknowing uncomfortableness. If you’ve been suffering with bad eyes, save up the money and get lasik! Seriously, it’s been the best. The recovery time was super fast, I was able to see better and have no discomfort after I slept for about 4 hours. Best investment you could make!

Now that I’ve finished my plug for the Eye Institute of Houston, let me get to the rest of my week!




Showing Alex around my hometown was so much fun! I have had out of state visitors come visit me before, but the feeling of showing the person I loved the place that shaped a huge part of who I am, a different side of me per say, was a very nostalgic feeling for me. We did so many fun things around Houston, ate a lot of good food, and saw a good amount of people. We played games with my family, went to the beach, ate a whole lot of Bluebell ice cream, and snuggled with my puppy. I sure miss that dog, and my mom. I miss my home.

I never expected that I would fall in love with a boy from Utah. I always thought I’d fall in love with my best friend from high school, and then I wouldn’t have to show him around my hometown, because he would already know it! Well, we tried that and it didn’t work out– a blessing in disguise, really– and I moved on to college and seven years later I met Alex. And I am so so happy I did, because Alex is amazing and the perfect man for me.

My mom and I dropped Alex off at the airport this morning and are currently on the way to Alabama to go see my brother and his family who are expecting a baby girl to be born, any minute now! I’m excited to meet her, and see my family who I won’t get to see for the next year.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

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