Hearts All Around

I have this thing with hearts. They make me happy! I like writing the word heart. I like drawing hearts. I like making a heart with my hands. I like making a heart with my best friend’s hand. I have heart shaped stickers. I have heart shaped earrings. I have a heart shaped CTR ring. I have a heart shaped promise ring. And guess what else I have?! I NOW HAVE A HEART SHAPED DIAMOND RING! That’s right! My amazingly awesome and handsome boyfriend proposed to me! So, that now makes him my fianc√©!!

Who would have thought that a lunch date to Chili’s would lead to six months of an amazing relationship and then being engaged to the most amazing human in the world? Not me, that’s who!

At the beginning of this year, I made a goal to do one social thing a month. I was taking 20 credits, working 30 hours at work with two jobs, volunteering three days a week for the Orem Insitute, and doing field work for my program. I figured doing one social thing a month would be a good goal- that way I could really focus on my schooling and my sanity. That was until I met Alex. (Don’t worry, I finished my semester with all A’s!)

We met at work in January (a day after I applied to be apart of Five Take Flight’s journey) and he asked me on a date for the very next day! I said yes, and just kept saying yes to all the dates he asked me on afterwards because he was so fun, charming and we connected well. in February, he took me to a Dashboard Confessional concert where he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was so thrilled but so scared at the same time. I hadn’t heard anything about the traveling nanny job yet (TO BE HONEST, I kinda forgot I had applied), and I had a crazy work load ahead of me. I was trying to leave my options open. I said yes, because you never know, right?

Two months prior to meeting Alex, I had ended a relationship of nine months with a great guy, who I thought I could spend the rest of my life with. Unfortunately we wanted different things for our lives. I learned that some people are meant to fall in love, but not meant to be together. And so I had to let it go.

I met Alex and I didn’t expect anything serious to come from it, but after dating him for a few weeks and talking to him every day, I realized even with all the craziness I called life, I was truly happy again. So when he asked me to be his girlfriend, I immediately said YES!

He makes me the happiest girl in the world. He is quiet amazing to be willing to wait a whole year for me too.


A lot of people have asked about how he feels about me leaving, and it’s hard. But he knew from the beginning that I had been hired for this ¬†dream job. It’ll be an adventure for sure!


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