Life’s Like A Jump Rope

Have you ever had a day (or a week) that just doesn’t go your way?  You don’t get enough sleep, miscommunication leave you frustrated, the AC in your car goes out, and your roommate cleaned out the fridge- unknowingly that you JUST restocked it with new left overs. Well, I have.

Life is like a jump rope, we all have our ups and downs, they never stop, there’s no denying it. (Thank you Blue October!) It’s the attitude we have while we’re going through the ups and downs that show who we are, and how we’ll get through to the end.

All of my negative vibes changed when Porter saw me walk in for his birthday party. He was surrounded by his friends and family, when I walked in with my best friend. I didn’t want to pull all the attention to me, so I said hi to the few people I had previously met and sat down. After a few minutes, Porter finally noticed that I had slipped in. He looked a little confused at first, then his eyes got so big, recollecting that I was the nanny his family was bringing for their year long adventure. He and Beckett rushed to me and gave me big hugs, then asked me to go jump with them.

The fact that he and Beckett were so happy to see me, made me happy to know that I already have made an impact on their life. I’m excited to be there for more birthday parties, and their family’s ups and downs for the next year, and years to come.

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