Week Two: Reykjavík, Iceland

Six years ago if anyone had asked me if I would ever travel to Iceland, my answer would be: “no way José! It has Ice in the name of it! Ice means COLD. No thanks!”

Fast forward six years and here I am: Reykjavík, Iceland, July 28, 2017.

Iceland is so beautiful. The sceenery, the people, the food, the culture, it’s just pure beauty. And can I just say that their food is DELICIOUS?! D E L I C I O U S! If you didn’t know, I am not a fan of fish. I am not a picky eater, I try to keep an open mind and eat what is placed in front of me. But then there’s fish. And that’s where I draw the line. But I ate fish. And not only did I eat one type of fish, I ATE THREE DIFFERENT KINDS AND THEY WERE ALL SO YUMMY!

This last week has just been beautiful. The beginning of the week we were still in New York. I spent the weekend  in New Jersey visiting some family. Monday was the first day of school and I was pretty nervous. I haven’t taught someone one on one in over three years! The past two years I’ve made a bunch of lesson plans and taught whole classes, but I’ve always had a co-teacher. School wasn’t so bad, Porter and Beckett are both really bright for their respective ages, which makes school much more fun, and a little easier on my part!

Along with school, we have done some great things in New York. We went to Coney Island, Central Park, and Serendipity’s.

M’Kenzie, Wren and I had a girls day, and I got to meet up with my old roommate and then go see Waitress. (Waitress was phenomenal, I laughed, I cried, I laughed untill I cried. Absolutely fantastic. Go see it.)


The flight over to Iceland was better than I thought. Beckett and I only made seven trips to the bathroom. During one of those, as I was directing Beckett to wait in line for the comode, he held my hands and kissed them. It was the sweetest gesture he could have done, and in that instant, I was humbled. His parents choose me to not only help him in school, but to help the boys appreciate their family and appreciate people who help them. They chose me to be a part of their boys fundamental years.


Those fundamental years of a child’s life is very important. I’m glad my parents raised me the way they did in my fundamental years. Speaking of my parents, and July 28, this day has a special hold in my life. If you’ve kept up with the Tillotson’s, M’Kenzie wrote about when they knew I was their nanny. In that post, she mentioned how my father passed away when I was 19. July 28th has been a hard day for my family for the past 6 years. Today I reminisced on that fretful day from 6 years ago. Every July 28th, in honor of my dad, I release balloons for the number of years he’s been gone. Last year I walked the streets of New York. This year, I walked the streets of downtown Reykjavík, then the next day I rode along the country side of southern Iceland.

It was beautiful. The whole day. The waterfalls, the country side, all the vistas! As we pulled off the road to the perfect mix of green valley and brown rocky mountains, we did my little ritual and released my six balloons as a family. Afterwards, M’Kenzie embraced me in her arms and we cried, together. Thank you for that.

So enjoy the beauty around you, hug your loved ones. Remember that adventure is out there and it is waiting for you.


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