In April, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and pull out the big bucks. My ears and eyes have always been a troublesome and sensitive subject for me. I had four ear surgeries as a child, and contacts beginning in the 9th grade. It felt like every two years, my eyes would change and therefore my prescription would too. I would have migraines and headaches constantly. I always thought it was just stress, and to some extent it was, but it was mostly the prescription for correction.

After a lot of research, looking at my my finances, and many phone calls to my mom, I decided to go under the laser and get Lasik. I decided to do my surgery with the Eye Institute of Houston in Texas, instead of with a company here in Utah. I’m an independent adult, but there’s something about being sick or needing surgery, where you just want your momma.

I decided I’d come to Texas this weekend to 1, surprise my baby brother for his graduation. 2, get lasik. 3, meet my new niece that is due this coming week. And 4, have Alex meet my mom and show him my home town. (<– big step in our relationship*!)


With the help of my mom and Alex, surprising my little brother was definitely a hit! He had no clue I was coming into town. Being back in the Lone Star State, with my family, dog, and the love of my life, even for this day and a half makes me so excited. Sitting in the graduation ceremony for the last of us Moore’s brought me memories of my days in high school and my own graduation.

Back in June of 2010, I was nervous and excited for what was to come. I had been accepted to attend Brigham Young University- Hawaii. I was 18, never lived away from my parents and didn’t have any friends or family on the island. Oh how living on that island shaped my life experiences.


And here I am today, awaiting a new journey with new experiences, to a different “island”, where I don’t have any family or friends except the kind and adventurous friends that chose me to come along with them, and become apart of their family.

  • Vanessa Valley
    Posted at 14:28h, 02 August Reply

    First Alaire, I think you’re brave, and congratulations! Second, I love your name-it’s beautiful. Third, I’m so glad you’ve chosen to put down some thoughts about yourself and your journey. I look forward to reading them. I am finishing up four years as a nanny to become a teacher, and I want to create a lifestyle in which I can travel frequently while still having a family and home base. I have rather recently fallen with love with an amazing man. He travels with me, but I was curious. If you’re still dating, how does he feel about you being a travel nanny?

    • Alaire Moore
      Posted at 10:00h, 13 August Reply

      Hey Vanessa! Thank you so much! You’re life sounds great too, and how exciting for you and your love life! Alex and I are still dating, and honestly, he has had some mixed feelings about it., but he loves and supports me. We take it day by day and that makes all the difference!

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