Truly Happy

Week Five: Croatia


Close your eyes and think of a time when you were truly happy. Saying “I love you” out loud for the first time and meaning it, smelling the flowers you received when you came home from a long trip, hearing a child gain courage as they stumble through reading a new book, receiving your dream job, laying under the stars, sitting next to the sea and breathing in the salty air, being surrounded by all your favorite people.  Those are just a few times where I have been truly happy.



Croatia has been my favorite place we’ve visited by far. I’ve really been needing some sunshine and salty air for my soul. The sea has always been a healing place for me. I have seen a huge difference with my cold and sinuses from being here.  This week has been very different on the Five Take Flight journey. We are being hosted by Right Path Adventures and the Tillotson’s family are in town. It’s been really great for the Tillotson’s- especially the boys- to be surrounded by their family. They just light up when any of them are around.



We’ve explored the coast of Croatia to the mountains and back to the coast again. Each place we visited is so beautiful. I feel like that’s all I can say to describe the places we have been. The world is beautiful, in its own way, and it just got me thinking: being surrounded by all these beautiful places and great people, am I truly happy?


Am   I   truly   happy?


I am doing what I love: traveling, teaching, exploring who I am, having an adventure, but am I actually happy as I do these things? I know I am grateful for everything, and gratitude does increase happiness. As we seek for our dreams through this life, we often feel like we are on a roller coaster of emotions, and each of our journeys to happiness takes us on many different paths.  Thank you Croatia for adding to my happiness.



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