October Flight

Blackbirds, come out and finish your play in the October air.

Fly above our heads, like ever changing clouds in the sky.

Moving shade from corner to corner of our life.

The breeze is just right and the sun is in constant supply.

My summer colored skin is getting ready to migrate too. Thankfully.

It’s been a hard year.

It’s still a hard year.

But today riding along with him I realized everything, eventually, turns to healing.

Where the rubber meets the road.

It is a stretch your arms and legs kind of ride.

Where beauty looks the same from one mile to the next

And when the birds return in spring along with the fresh leaves,

I hope the new landmarks we are slowly creating won’t confuse them.

I hope they’ll tell me of their new travels to lands of reds, browns, and greens from this past winter.

And I’ll be able to say, eventually, everything is healed.

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