our blue and yellow nanny

Two months and 24,000 applications later… we have our nanny! She is an educator from Texas; full of excitement, love, and light-hearted to the core. We have had several conversations with her and a weekend away together. She is the fit that we have been searching for, and lucky for us, she feels the same way. Excited for you to meet her too!

In the final round of interviews we did a test with our applicants to get an understanding of their personalities and how our personalities would all interact together. We color-coded them. The Color Code (People Code) is a book written by Dr. Taylor Hartman. It classifies people into 4 main groups.

Red, Blue, white, and yellow. Each color has a collection of describing traits. The book further describes how these colors interact together.

We took the test ourselves from the book. Derek’s core color is red and his secondary color is blue. My core color is blue and my secondary color is red. Our nanny’s core color is blue and her secondary color is yellow.

How her color code interacts with us

Our color combination strengths are we both communicate freely, and confidently.We also have similar energy in our spontaneous, optimistic, and sociable natures.  As red’s we will maintain focus but the yellow in her will temper our intensity with playfulness. She and I both have emotional approaches which will be balanced out with Derek’s red logical response. Ha!

Here is the describing traits of each color.


Motivation is power

Needs: leadership, respect, productive, look good intellectually, be liked

Wants: leadership, challenging adventure, approval, hide insecurities

Gifts: vision and leadership

Strength: assertive, logical, and determined

Weakness: critical, argumentative, intimidating



Motivation is intimacy

Needs: emotional connection, good morally, be understood, be appreciated

Wants: to reveal insecurities, attain quality, feel secure, be autonomous

Gifts: quality and service

Strength: compassionate, dependable, loyal

Weakness: worry prone, overly sensitive, unforgiving



Motivation is peace

Needs: to feel good inside, move at own pace, be respected, be allowed space

Wants: to withhold securities, contentment, independence, kindness

Gifts: clarity and tolerance

Strengths: patient, agreeable, kind

Weaknesses: silently stubborn, avoid conflict, timid and shy



Motivation is fun

Needs: connection, to be liked, to be noticed and praised, freedom

Wants: spontaneity, change, adventure

Natural gifts: enthusiasm and optimism

Strengths: carefree, sociable, trusting

Weakness: disorganize, uncommitted, impulsive

Wants: spontaneity, change, adventure


My thoughts and feelings play a critical role into what choices and paths I have taken in life. I am learning to value my personality. The more I am able to understand myself the more I can advance. I am a blue so I am all about emotional intelligence. My weaknesses can be assets once I know them and understand them. I am trying to grow wings so as I glide through life I won’t lie to myself about who I really am.

What color are you?


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  • Debra olson
    Posted at 16:32h, 27 February Reply

    Beckett must be overjoyed to be rid of his bothersome clothing!!

    • Kenzie Tillotson
      Posted at 17:00h, 27 February Reply

      haha! You are right! The kid hates wearing clothes! The other day in the grocery store I was turned away from them when I hear Porter yell, “NO BECKETT you have to keep your pants on!”

  • Sherri Gardikis
    Posted at 16:39h, 27 February Reply

    Personality match is so important, good for you in doing this, being in this industry for many years, personality really is what makes or breaks in the nanny world.

    One of my best families who I worked for mom and I were opposite in all the right areas and we complemented each other well. Mom was kind of OCD about house, clothes and other areas and though I was into clean I was more casual. I could not thank this mom more in what I learned and gained from her and it is because of her I am a great Household Manager now.

    Hope your nanny values what she is going learn working for your family and hay good on ya for picking a Texan, live in Houston myself.

  • Debbie Nanney
    Posted at 20:19h, 27 February Reply

    I’d say Yellow with blue undertones. Your trip looks like a blast! You may never want to leave paradise:)

  • Virginia montemayor
    Posted at 22:24h, 27 February Reply

    Not only whats the color what you like but it comes to yoir heart and mind

  • Gabriela Niño Echeagaray
    Posted at 09:17h, 06 March Reply

    Hello Kenzie!!! I just see your blog, I would love to work for you, your kids look adorable and I love the two things you offer, BE CLOSE TO KIDS AND TRAVEL. I think kids aré the best teachers to show us how to live life.
    I am a mexican lady, 60 years old, I am HealthKit and feel and look younger, I have 6 grandsons 20, 8, 6, two of 5 & 4 years old, I have been taking care of two of them in different seasons, also I just came back from France (Antibes) I took care of a pretty girl 4 years old for 3 months, I have a lot of things to share with kids, principally LOVE. My
    I worked for 20 years as Sales Manager of Car Dealers, now I am retired.
    I red that you find your nanny, maybe it’s possible for you to have two. Will be?
    Best regards,

  • Rachel
    Posted at 18:31h, 06 March Reply

    I’m for sure in the White color group, only I believe what they categorize as weakness is are also strengths! I’m betting you picked the perfect nanny for your family. Safe travels!

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