I am not a light packer and I like options. So, trying to fit all my needs into a 30″ suitcase for months has been a little daunting. Every piece needs to be relevant and easily put together. I mixed some nice staple pieces with some in-expensive pieces. This way if I happen to get sick of an item I won’t feel bad passing it along and buying something in its stead at a local spot. I use Dress Lily for all my in-expensive needs and whims.

I need my packing to be organized and simple. My trick is packing cubes!  If you haven’t used them for travel you should! They make life sooo much easier. All your shirts, pants, and dresses, are neatly placed in their category and zipped closed. No rifling through a bag to find a specific item. With kids this is HUGE! Because they often require an outfit change during the day.

Since I am always number one in my house I’ll go through my packing list first. Next it will be the kids, then our travel gear. Derek is refusing to give me his suitcase details…I think it’s a guy thing?

Kenzie’s suitcase


Packing for a trip. Reversible clothing. Suitcase

  1.  3 pairs of pants from Free People  (whiteblack, and dark jeans)
  2.  1 pair of leggings/work out pants 
  3.  3 basic t-shirts and tanks tops (white, black, cream)
  4.  EK reversible black/light grey shirt : This reversible shirt goes with all 3 pairs of pants so this gives me 6 outfits
  5.  Jia Collection Reversible short sleeve shirt : This shirt gives me 4 different outfits when paired with my black or white pants
  6.  Jia Cardigan that turns into a dres
  7. Ted Baker Black Cardigan that turns into a dress
  8. 4 dresses :They all pack up small and are in-expensive. So I won’t feel bad ditching them if I get sick of them
  9. 3  bathing suites : They are very in-expensive so I am OK if they fade, are lost, or damaged
  10.  Purple Eddie Bauer fold in puff coat
  11.  66 North Army Rain Coat


I packed a basic pair of flip flops and tennis shoes. But I love cute shoes and I am short and my husband is 6 ft. So, I need something that makes me a little taller, makes my eyes happy, and my feet feel like they are walking on clouds. My tried and true walking brands are Rieker (a german shoe company) Munro, and Sorel

  1.  Brown leather Rieker shoes
  2.  Munro black dress sandal
  3.  Sorel Arctic Wedge waterproof boots


Boy’s shared suitcase

I tried to buy everything in tones of blue, grey, and black. These colors seem to hide the most dirt and the colors coordinate well. The boys will also have their own backpacks that are their responsibility to fill with what ever toys they want.

  1. 4 long sleeve shirts each
  2. 4 short sleeve shirts each
  3. 2 tank tops
  4. 2 pairs of jeans (light and dark)
  5. 2 pairs of shorts each
  6. 2 bathing suites each
  7. Each kid has a Fleece suite. To use as p.j’s or for extra layers in cold places
  8. Each kid has a rain gear set in their favorite colors Yellow and Red
  9. Hunter kid rain boots
  10. Kids Tom’s 
  11. sandals
  12. REI Reversible Down Coats also available on amazon here
  13. one sweat shirt each


Travel Gear

  1. Maclaren Double Stroller   This stroller can hold all three of our kids. Folded up the smallest, was the lightest, and felt like the most durable for it’s class of stroller. It  does have a lifetime warranty so if it does fall apart I can at least get a new one!
  2. KidCo Sleeping Tent  This is a magical pop up tent that is very light and small. I have had this tent for 6 years! It has gone through 2 rough boys, trips to Europe, etc with no tears or sign of wear. My kids all sleep very comfortable in it when they are still in that baby phase of needing a play crib to sleep in.
  3. Mifold Booster Seat This is the world’s smallest and easiest booster seat to use and travel with.
  4. Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier This carrier allows for full support on long days for shoulder and waist, it adjusts small enough for my frame, and it is packs up small.