Reborn in Africa



People often feel that their native land is their home. I get that. I feel that too. However, coming to a land where people live differently from the way I know has at times felt familiar and been a different kind of homecoming. Experiencing Africa on safari felt like a kind of reunion. It brought me back to a primal state, as if the origins of my DNA expanded here.

Some researchers believe that homo sapiens, the direct descendants of modern man, evolved in Africa and for me, it feels like the birthplace of humankind. I can visualize these archaic humans walking out onto these plains millions of years ago, looking up at the sky and in that moment extrasensory intelligence is born.  The brain developing enough for them to comprehend beauty for the first time.

What I loved most on safari is the joy of seeing elephants. I am drawn in-explicably to these large grey and self-assured animals. They are the magicians of the jungle with their vanishing acts. They can hide in this land surprisingly well. It conceals them like camouflage, which took me by surprise. One minute you see a whole herd and then it’s like they are tucked under a big green blanket and they are completely gone in a thicket of Acacia trees. The ground itself vibrated with the rhythm of one large bull that lumbered by us. Completely unbothered by anything except scratching his back against trees. Slowly and repetitively rubbing his sandpaper skin against tree bark to knock off any ticks that have found a home on him while wandering the bush. His wrinkles contour like river networks; running up, down and around his body and I was close enough to appreciate all of him.

Water is liquid gold out here, a rare commodity in Africa. Enriching the land with the ever valuable currency of life. Water creates so many details in a place like this. I sat in a warm drizzle one afternoon on safari and once the rain cleared I felt and understood why people dream of Africa. It reawakens in me the feeling that this could be our original place of origin. I feel my roots in the earth here and see that my wings brought me back. Take Flight.


Five Take Flight Faves

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