summer in winter

Recently I’ve been debating with myself. When an idea makes me afraid I ask myself if it is actual fear of danger, as in mental or bodily harm. Or is it fear of being out of my comfort zone, fear of the unfamiliar. With our recent decision to sell our house and move abroad for a year I have definite moments of uneasiness. I’ve been asking myself what happens when you take a leap out of your comfort zone?

I find it often yields surprising results.

Nothing in your life will change without your willingness to sacrifice something first. Most often that sacrifice is our comfort. To achieve our goals and dreams it can be painful and uncomfortable. But that pain is just a stage that we pass through to promote our growth.

My father in law gave Derek some advice when he was starting out his career. He told him, “look at someone who has been doing what you’ve been doing, only they’ve been at it 10 years longer. Is that where you want to be? Do they have a better life? Are they doing the things you want to do?” You have to be critical about your situation. To ensure you end up where you ideally want to be.

I blame the fact that I was surrounded by nothing but the reflective surface of the ocean last week on this self- reflective mood.

We were cutting across the teal colors of the world.

Where water and sky bled into each other.

The water spray and the warm current’s arms rocking me gently into love.

Beside me- arms linked and head resting against his shoulder.

Heart racing in my chest

I reached for the sunset and

I had a thought that there is someone for all of us.

And he is that someone for me

I am acting on living.

No shame

Just loud singing to carry me into the next day

Five Take Flight Faves

  • Ashley Levitt
    Posted at 01:41h, 21 January Reply

    Hello, my name is Ashley and I am the perfect person for this amazing life opportunity/Job! I realize that it is two days past the deadline for accepting new applications, but please believe me when I say that this job was made for me, and that I am the perfect fit for your family! I would love to be able to submit my resume, and would greatly appreciate the opportunity for this position, and to have your consideration.

    I believe that I am perfect for the “Travel Nanny” job position, and amazing life opportunity, because this job was made especially for me. I currently work as a Nanny and a part-time tutor, however, it is my previous work as an Au Pair that makes me feel particularly qualified for this position.
    Working as an Au Pair (3 kids) in Ireland provided me with the experience for living and working with a family, as well as becoming an active member of the household. As an Au Pair/Nanny, I have experience in responsibilities including: cooking (healthy meals!), cleaning, laundry, and pushing strollers (once, the little boy I minded in Ireland fell asleep in his buggy, and then I had to push him up -a very steep Irish- hill for twenty minutes. He was not a small child…)(In the video posted, you stated that it will be “…hard to determine the exact number of hours worked…”, which I am also use to and familiar with from being an Au Pair. To me, this type of job isn’t “9-to-5”, or a job that should be counted by hours in general. This isn’t merely a “job”, but rather a lifestyle. To me, you’re becoming a member of the family, therefore being a travel nanny is measured in memories, not hours).
    Ability to travel alone: I am a traveler! In your video, you mentioned looking for someone who has the ability to travel alone, which is 100% me! During my 4 years at university, I went on two exchanges (Australia/Scotland) completely on my own (solo & without knowing anyone). After my semester in Scotland, I also spent 8 weeks backpacking across Europe alone. (Since I am a traveler, I also have experience “packing/unpacking bags”, which was mentioned in the video as well. I also love taking photos and videos when traveling. My hobbies include: video editing and making “home videos” of my travels, photography and scrapbooking/making photo books of my travels.)
    Lodging and Accommodation: Your video mentioned staying at Air BnB’s, hotels, & with friends and family. That sounds absolutely luxurious to me, because normally when I travel, I’m used to staying in hostels (sometime very “interesting” hostels…), Couch surfing, Albergue’s (France/Spain), or I’ve just used a good old fashioned sleeping bag and slept under the stars on a beach or on the grass in the mountains.
    Confidence: I am a very positive person. Being a traveler, I would love to be able to say that I was confident when it came to this such as navigation- but the truth is that I still get lost all the time. However, traveling is about learning! It’s about opening up your mind to new experiences and possibilities. It’s about the willingness to let yourself get lost or to be unsure; that’s what makes an adventure an adventure!
    Therefore, I am confident in my abilities as a child minder, and I am confident that I am the perfect person to work for your family! I look forward to hearing your reply,
    Sincerely, – Ashley L.

  • Sandie Tillotson
    Posted at 02:37h, 21 January Reply

    Beautiful Kenzie – Love you !

    • Nadia
      Posted at 08:12h, 21 January Reply

      Intéressé pour le baby

  • Debra clem
    Posted at 03:39h, 21 January Reply

    Awesome , enjoy . Loved the blog

  • Annie Daniels
    Posted at 10:52h, 21 January Reply

    Beautiful reflection.
    You will always be my favorite writer.
    Love you, mom.

  • Vanessa Soles
    Posted at 14:24h, 21 January Reply

    There is so much peace in your writing, I always feel a sense of tranquil as I read your posts. It really is amazing what we can manifest through positivity and love!
    Sending good vibes your way! 🙂

  • Yasmeen
    Posted at 09:26h, 22 January Reply

    Hello! Im from Paris, France and I just wanted to say hello and hope you’ll find the right person who will take care of your family. Being a travel nanny isnt vacation at all. Im also a mum of 3 and i can confirm that trabelling with them is even if it s an amazing expérience, responsibilities:-)
    Thank you for your blog and courage!

  • Jenny Vazquez
    Posted at 14:20h, 22 January Reply

    I agree. Being a naturally cautious person, I have had to push myself out of my comfort zone and past those fears to be able to experience so many wonderful things in life. Similar to how you’ve expressed, although maybe not quite as eloquent, I have simplified the thought process for my myself into ‘Is this a ‘bad’ idea?’ If the answer is no, then I go for it. Meaning, I am trying to teach myself not to overthink things to the point where I am unable to enjoy the experiences before me. To gauge what is reasonable, safe fear and what is fear of the above described discomfort or change and to not let the latter stop me.
    I completely understand and admire what you are doing.

    Also, I live in Florida, so we have no winter in our Winter. It’s a weird experience, isn’t it?
    Thank you,
    supernannyjennyv on Instagram

  • Cloé
    Posted at 15:06h, 22 January Reply

    Hi Tillotson family! I saw your video the last week and Hear a lot about You on the radio! I was just like ? you are such crazy people to suggest this awesome travel, what an opportunity!
    My name is Cloé, I’m french and I am living in a small Town in the country (but next to paris) I’m 17 years old (18 in august) Maybe it’s too young for what you are looking for… I have one little sister, one little brother (and one big brother but from another mother and he is english, yes special family?
    And I have many little cousins so i used to look after them when they were young. I also worked in a summer camp as youth leader and as cleaner/cooker. I really love children.
    Moreover, I love sport (Horse-riding, surfing, swiming) and music (I played piano and guitar for 6years). I have another passion for films and photography. I make shortfilms with my brothers or my friends and I Also make videos of my holidays (it’s always good memories). I get the chance to travel with my parents (Guadeloup, tunisia, egypt, spain, england) I love discover new things, new people, new cultures, I learn a lot about myself. I think that i could love your children and take care of Them like a big sister? i never really teach to children but i often help my brother and sister to do their homeworks. I am actually in my last year of high school and I would like to work in cinema. I wanted to do a video for introduce myself with photos.. But my laptop doesnt work for the moment i Will try to Film it the next week.
    I know that you received So many answers but I hope you Will see mine. Thank you So Much for the Time that you gave to us, i hope you will find the best nanny for your awesome kids! Bye
    (I’m sorry for mistakes I made?)

  • Joy
    Posted at 16:57h, 22 January Reply

    I saw you closed the admissions looking for your “supernanny” but I’ll hit my chance anyway!
    My name is Joy, I’m Dutch but I’ve been living in France since over 10 years. I love travelling (latest place was Iceland and it is really a place to go!).
    So I speak Dutch, French and English, I am the stepmother of two very nice girls but have been a nanny of for boys during my teenage years. I can adapt very easily and am a good cook (when you listen to the person I share my life with, however that’s maybe not objective), so I love cooking, I don’t mind cleaning and overall I love children ! I have no experience in teaching, but turn out to be good at it, I’ve taught reading and writing to my youngest and also how to play the piano, the oldest doesn’t want to do her homework with her father but always with me ( maybe because I make her laugh all the time ).
    I love photography and have a small camera (nikon d3200 and a very old nikkormat). I’ll definitely never be a good portretist (im good at showing the multiple microexpressions of poeple) but love photographing nature, architecture and children.
    Work hours are not a problem for me, I’ve been working very hard sinds I was 14 (multiple jobs, double shifts…).
    Well I feel like dropping a waterdruppel in the ocean, I imagine you already have had so many applies, and shutted down the research (I love lost causes) but I think I am the person you’re looking for. In case of I’ll let my e-mail (
    Have a great travel anyway I wish you the best !

  • Kathleen HERRGOTT
    Posted at 14:34h, 23 January Reply

    Hi M’Kenzie,
    Awww this is an amazing article! I just love the way you think and the way you see life. One thing sure: ” what happens when you take a leap out of your comfort zone?” is a question that everybody asks itself once in life. BUT, the difference will lie in the decision we make in actually “stepping OUT of our comfort zone”. And the only way to learn how to stop controlling or constantly holding back is to plunge in the unknown. Personally, I am so glad to know that I am not alone in the process and that my God is always right beside me. But I am also glad He taught me how to totally give it up to Him and to finally enjoy LIFE! You guys will discover so much in the unknown that you will hit! So much about the world, but so much about yourself as well. It’s time to get to know your YOU even better and this is so exciting! Much blessings! Kathleen.

  • Lourdes Conte-Oro
    Posted at 00:08h, 24 January Reply

    It’s funny I was driving thinking about your last post, having a vision and putting ideas, goals and dreams out into the universe and having good intentions that they will flourish. I find comfort in believing things always happen for a reason and work out one way or another. We learn from all our experience and our Outlook often shapes what we take from experiences. Then I happen to catch this post and you mention your sense of fear.
    There is nothing to fear. Everything will be amazing you have a loving family which brings you laughter, it’s visible.
    I have this quote (don’t know who it belongs to- I will look it up later) at the back of my head that pops in when I seem to need it most. It focuses me in times of discomfort or angst, sometimes that split second before I embark on adventures or times of change. It’s such a power set of words, “the biggest mistake you can make in life is continually fearing you’ll make one.”
    Enjoy the next year to come!! I’m sure you will be reminded by the great people you will meet on your journey and the places you visit.
    Best wishes,
    Lourdes Conte-Oro

    • Lourdes Conte-Oro
      Posted at 11:29h, 24 January Reply

      The quote is from an American writer named Elbert Hubbard. He has many other wonderful and wise words.

  • Federica Feler
    Posted at 18:14h, 24 January Reply

    Hi! my name is Federica, I am from Argentina, and I will love to join you guys in the amazing experience of traveling. I just saw the news and i know the dead line to apply was the 18 but you need too read this at least.
    I have been looking for something like this all my life, taking care of kids because I love children. I am an independent person and I know how to take care of a house and kids, I am really good at cooking and crafty things, Iove too spend time with kids and i also like to share and spread them education and another culture.
    I speak fluent english and of course spanish. I have done and exchange year to the us and worked as a babysister with 3 beautiful girls. For me is more as a sharing and exchanging lifes and create a relationship that will last for ever.
    create good values for the kids and make them enjoy.
    I love to take pictures, actually i am creating an instagram account with pictures arround the world.
    I will love to take care of the kids with pacience love and dedication and teach kids experiences, I am sure i am the person you are looking for.
    Actually on june i am going to the states to visit my babys and my host family i will love to create another relationship like this with u guys and enjoy traveling. And maybe we can meet before the trip :). I hope you consider me and if you need a recomendation letter you can be in touch with the people in the us I had been working and living with.
    Un beso, Fede

  • Sarah
    Posted at 19:53h, 24 January Reply

    Sacrifice and change have really defined the last year for me. I really feel like I didn’t just take a step out of my comfort zone, I leaped away and started running. Your family is an a amazing inspiration for so many.

  • Adele
    Posted at 21:44h, 24 January Reply

    We live in Brussels, we have 2 kids and a nice house with 2 guest rooms…
    We will be happy to invite you in our home if you have plane to visit the city.
    Best regards.

    • m'kenzie tillotson
      Posted at 03:10h, 25 January Reply

      Thank you so much! We would love to meet you guys if we end up close by!

  • Liz
    Posted at 02:55h, 25 January Reply

    Beautiful. What a decision to make, takes a lot of discernment but I know you will follow your hearts leading. I had a previous student who applied and told me about you guys. She has tons of global experience, homeschool experience and a heart of gold! I just had her over for dinner and her raw passion for people and sharing light with others prompted me to write this. She doesn’t know I’m writing this but I hope you prayerfully consider pulling her for an interview. I’m convinced she will blow you away. Her name is Ashley-Rachel Jaramillo. Thanks – Liz Martin

  • Marys
    Posted at 05:29h, 31 January Reply

    Hi my name is mary, i am from egypt.
    I really want to experience this kind of opportunity, i didn’t experience to raise up children but i always play witb children in my church and i really like them and usually become there big sister, i am a chef for making healthy food and i work before in not guilty org. Its about preventing children abuse.
    I really wish to have this experience

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