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a thousand looks

I’ve always changed my hair. From long to short and color to color.

It seems to always match the better part of my personality. Like a chameleon my hair parallels my moods. I’ve had dreadlocks before (over 10 years ago) and Derek pushed me into doing it again. We were rolling down the street together with romance trailing in front of us. Five fingers dangling for his hand to hold. He ruffled my hair from the back and pulled me closer to his side to say,  “We are in this together, and I really think you should dreadlock your hair again.”

That struck a chord of familiarity for the girl I was connected to then. Whose wings where on the edge of  the horizon, cutting cloud edges on those bright summer nights.  She had a thousand looks  of possibility. And I realized that I can still be what I’ve been hoping for my whole life. So, I went ahead and did it.