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taking flight in 2017

The New Year has come leaving last years decisions behind.

At the start of each year we are re-designing our infrastructures. Getting rid of chaos, evaluating tough decisions, being more compassionate, working on our health and beliefs. It’s basically our time once a year to take time to invest in ourselves and to also be forgiving of ourselves.

Our family will take flight in 2017. We are going abroad to live. We will spend and lend ourselves to this family this year. We are planning on leaving late spring to early summer and plan on being gone for a full year. The itinerary isn’t set in stone yet. We have an outline for our jumping off points and where we want to start for optimal weather conditions in each area. We are hoping to get input from people all over the globe on must see places and activities. So, if you have any suggestions please comment! It would be extremely helpful. We are travelers. Together we have been to 23 countries and many more separately. I’m a Sagittarius and we have a lust for travel. There’s nothing better than discovering a place I haven’t seen before.

A favorite author of mine Toni Morison said,

“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.”

I’ve been measuring my life for years and years through several journals. This next adventure we’ve decided to go on will create new words for me to record. I don’t want to become indifferent to life.  The things we have all selfishly torched to the ground in our lives while trying to find happiness; I want to give beauty to the ashes of those experiences.

I have the voice of a poet

The voice of peace

The voice of song (often off key)

The voice of passion

We are taking flight into a New Year

first viral video

One night we were sitting in bed getting ready to fall asleep when Derek turned to me and said, “I have a facebook promotion of $10 that is going to expire in the next couple days. I am going to use it on Beckett’s video so it doesn’t go to waste.” I think I was half asleep when he told me this piece of information and didn’t think anything of it. Honestly, I completely forgot about it. That is until one week later when all of the sudden that video started to have some serious views.

We saw it reach 345K on Monday, December 5th. Tuesday it reached 1.5 million views.  Wednesday, when we went to bed, it was at 3.2 million views. Currently, it is Thursday afternoon, it is at 4.4 million views. This concept of going viral has been a fun experience. It has also been a very vulnerable one. I didn’t quite realize what it means to put yourself and your children out there on social media platforms. Complete strangers have reacted and commented on this human that I grew and nurtured for the past 3 years. Big thank you to all viewers for being so positive. My mamma heart couldn’t take it if people were anything but sweet  when talking about my baby boy.

Beckett is our middle child. He is a Leo. He is currently obsessed with dinosaurs. He refuses to keep pants on, even at school. He has always been a huge chatter box! To this day he sits and talks and talks literally 3 inches from my face all day. I am now to the point where I tune him out and when I do he notices and yells, “HEEEYYYY MOM I need to tell you something!!!!!” Then it is usually followed up by, “sharks don’t eat dinosaurs right?” He is the spark plug in our family and one of the 4 loves of my life.

Thanks for watching and enjoying our family. Hopefully you will stick around and watch us all grow, hopefully not bigger, just older.

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five take flight viral video

my wren

Meet Wren.

Wrens are medium-small to very small birds.

The English name “wren” derives from Middle English wrenne. It is cognate to Old High German wrendo, also known as kuningilin “kinglet” in Old High German. This name is associated with the fable of the election of the “king of birds”. The fable goes that whichever bird could fly to the highest altitude would be made king. The eagle outflew all other birds, but a small bird that had hidden in his plumage beat him. This is the Wren.

The other day we blessed our almost 4 month baby girl. The cultural and spiritual traditions of this act are to bestow a name. Many cultures have naming rituals and traditions. Sunday made me ponder heavily on the importance of names. Why do we as peoples all over the world put so much focus and attention on this act of picking and naming children?

Our names are given to us usually from a parent and once accepted that word takes on a new form of significance as it becomes tied to a person. Embodying uniqueness, personal identity, and the roots of an individual. We introduce ourselves by our many names and in order of how we want to be identified. We associate with our given names along with the name of mother, father, grandparent, sibling, or our professions. All are at the symbolic heartland of personal identity.


You are my Little Bird




I gave you this name because birds have always been positive in my life. A symbol of freedom. And when I experienced the passing of a close friend, birds became a link between heaven and earth. Now I see this symbolism in you, my daughter. I see you as capable in experiencing life and flying above challenges, confrontation, or crisis. You are encircling us with your little featherly wings into a whole. You are healing us and completing our family. My heart has already made room, tucking you closely under my wing. Now all I can do is quietly whisper, “grow, grow, grow” as you start to fly. We are in this together, five take flight.




world of magical thinking

Two worlds exist atop one another… the ordinary and the world of magical thinking. People often describe me as artistic, I married a very creative man, and we are blessed with very imaginative parents. Thanks to our upbringing we grew up in our own wonderlands. A world of magical thinking.

This world of magical thinking comes naturally to children. They dream, create. When Beckett lost his ‘cozy’ he envisioned a world of sneaky robbers. “Can robbers punch through glass?” He asked, worried they would return.

As grown ups our instinct is to snuff the candle of imagination. “No there are no robbers, your cozy was under a pile of laundry.” But Derek and I grew up with pirates, paint, and rigs to riches.

We stand on the door to the holidays, with the most magical of all, Halloween. Each year a branch of our family tree turns their beautiful property in Mapleton into the best private spook-alley you can imagine. See our video above that doesn’t come close to doing it justice. Hands held on dirt paths. We meander through darkness and fog… their collection of 101 carved jack O’ lanterns lighting our way. Resplendent with authentic antique prison cells, hearse wagons (complete with horse skeleton), bewitched carnival rides, and freak show memorabilia. Needless to say every year we are amazed and the kids are scared.

The Sheranian family believes in the world of magical thinking and is one of its most gifted architects. Thank you for bringing the holidays to life by celebrating the dead.

Sheranian spook alley