The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea isn’t dead. It can no longer sustain life but it can hold life up.

It is so salty that it feels oily as the water hugs and supports you. I was lying on my back looking up at the blue sky and I realized it is the first time I’ve not felt gravity or pressure on my body. My body was neutral. I was weightless in a world were I have experienced  a lot of weight;  we all have. There are pressures, burdens, and stresses that lower us. Grief, health, dreams, love, and family that tip our scales.  I looked around at all the different people who where bobbing next to me experiencing their own lives. I thought there isn’t one thing in life that could sink you here. In the Dead Sea you are unsinkable. I think that is also what faith gives people, the ability to stay a float no matter how heavy we feel.

It takes your life and it shows you how light you can actually be.


Five Take Flight Faves

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