Things to do on Nadi Fiji

We stayed on Nadi Fiji for one week with our children who are 6, 4, and 1. For the first part of the week we stayed on the West side of Nadi on the little island Denarau.  This area is like being on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. Lot’s of resorts and shopping for tourists. Then we drove a hour and half down south  to the Outrigger Resort in Korotogo which is in a much more rural and quiet part of the island. You can watch our week here


Things to do around Denarau



Odds are you’ll be at a resort so take advantage of resort activities! All resorts offer really fun and interesting classes and demonstrations. Our kids loved the coconut opening demonstration. The locals showed you how to open and husk a coconut without using any tools except your hands and sticks. We also did a palm leaf weaving class. You really see the artistry and craftsmanship that these islanders have as they weave hats, backsets, and toys.

In this area  Port Denarau Marina is a great place for shopping, restaurants, and booking activities. We booked a customized snorkeling trip for the kids through Big Sky Charters to some outer islands and reefs. I would say this is a must do while in this area. It is beautiful and calm water that is teaming with a lot of fun wild life.


Outrigger Resort in Korotogo


Book a scuba dive or snorkeling session while in this area through the resort. The reefs are amazing and known for their soft corals, abundance of fish, and bright corral.

The resort offers complimentary snorkeling gear and canoes for paddling around when the tide is in. The reef around the resort is beautiful and full of  unique wildlife like giant clams, baby sharks, and starfish!When the tide is out the resort offers free reef shoes and a guided walking tour of the reef! This is really incredible and unique to be able to do.



The resort also offers day trips out to the local village for you to see and help in their humanitarian efforts with the Conua school. This was by far the highlight of our trip! We loved spending the day among local children playing and seeing how they live.


Kula Wild Adventure Park is a must with kids. It is right down the street from the Outrigger. You are bale to feed baby turtles, hold iguanas, snakes, and see a variety of parrots and flying fox. More importantly it’s an ecological preserve that is helping stabilize the native animals of the island and bring their numbers back up. There is also a fun water park and jungle zip line.


Fijians are welcoming, friendly, helpful, and full of smiles. You can’t go wrong no matter where you adventure too in Fiji!

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