Tips for Long Flights


Long Flights can be hard to mentally handle, whether you’re a child or an adult. Most major airlines offer inflight entertainment on TV screens, which is very helpful. However, after a couple long back-to-back flights the movie selections aren’t as exciting and let’s be honest it is hard to watch TV for hours on end.

You don’t want to travel with a lot of excess items just for inflight entertainment so load up your devices and your kid’s devices! For my kids I always download one new game/app on their device so they have something to look forward to on the long flight. Here are my tips for long plane rides that apply to adults and children.




Netflix Downloads

Amazon Prime Downloads

Kindle books

Audio books


Download a language app and practice

Adult Coloring Book






Long Haul Packing List


In flight Entertainment

Water bottle



Bring your own snacks


Small Packet of Lysol Wipes

Bring a small Pharmacy bag with products for  cuts, allergies, mystery rashes, and headaches


Five Take Flight Faves

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