Top Things to do in Cape Town

There are very few cities in the world where such natural beauty is so easily accessible. Cape Town is sandwiched between beautiful mountains and white sandy beaches. You can easily access National Parks with amazing hiking, biking, and wildlife within this region. The appeal of Cape Town for us is not the city itself, but the surrounding suburbs. There are ship wrecks washed up on beaches, ostrich roaming the roads, and world class hiking. We stayed in the very charming city of Simon Town (45 minutes out side of Cape Town) right across the street from Boulder Beach where the infamous penguins of the area live. I would personally recommend this area. It is safe close to the incredible penguins and the beautiful National Park where the Cape of Good Hope is located. You can watch our amazing week HERE

You will need a car to get around Cape Town. The locals are friendly but as always pay attention and don’t take unnecessary risks.


Boulder Beach-Simon Town



A colony of African penguins has set up home at Boulders Beach. These birds are endangered but the giant boulders heavily protect the birds and create little alcoves perfect for swimming for kids and penguins alike. You have to pay to enter this beach but it is worth it! The kids can swim, climb, and penguin watch to their heart’s content.



Chapman’s Peak Drive



This road is carved out along the vertical sea cliffs and offers a beautiful and scenic drive. It is a toll road due to the high maintenance costs of reducing the risk of rockfalls onto the road. It is an impressive road with even better views and well worth an afternoon drive. There are also several hiking trails directly off the road  that offer breathtaking coastline views.



Cape of Good Hope



The Cape of Good Hope is The  Cape Peninsula National Park.  This national park has a range of habitats ranging from rocky mountains to white sand beaches. There are a variety of animals in the park. We saw several baboons, ostriches, and antelope.  Several species of animals call this area home making this an excellent area to hike old ship wrecks or meander on trails through the land to spot animals.



Table Top Mountain Hike



This is considered one of the most remarkable hikes in the area. There are several routes to take up to the top.  Most take the cable car located close to Cape Town. Some hike one leg of the trip and use the cable car  either on their way up or down. It is about a 4 hour hike on the side of the mountain with the cable car. We decided to do the scenic drive through Chapman’s peak to hike the south side of the mountain known as 12 Apostles. It took us 2 hours to summit and was much more scenic and secluded. We only saw one other hiker on our way down. To access this hike you go through Hout Bay to find this secret trail.



Great White Shark Dive



People come all over to dive with these infamous sharks! I am not sure if  it is the time of year but be warned water visibility is very low, as in zero. The sharks swam right in front of us several times and we couldn’t see them under water. From the top of the boat you had much better viewing when they surfaced – which was pretty impressive when it happened. It was cool to catch a glimpse of these creatures but for us personally it didn’t live up to the hype.

Five Take Flight Faves

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