What Tours are Worth the Cost?


Everyone has their own opinion on the right way to vacation. One major thing we all have in common is the cost of a trip. So I’m here to give my opinion on what tours are worth the money and what is better to do on your own. Along with which tours are fun for kids and families.



What Tours Are Worth Paying For?


Any tour that allows you to have your own driver is always worth the cost! Especially with kids! We’ve hired several private drivers and it honestly made the experiences. We did this for the Great Wall of China, visiting the Angkor Wat Temples, and visiting the mountains near Marrakesh, Morocco to name a few. You are allowed so much flexibility it really makes your day effortless. The kids can sleep in the car. You can stop whenever you want. You can skip certain aspects of the tour that don’t appeal to you. The driver is always local and has great information and insights on anything you want to know about. ¬†Also you never have to wait in any lines. The tours usually have separate entrances or special passes that bypass entrances.


Audio Guides

These have always been very helpful, inexpensive, and fun for the kids. I say yes to audio guides when touring places like a Colosseum, museums, and castles. Best bang for your buck!


Food/Wine Tours

To date I’ve never met anyone who didn’t enjoy a food or wine tour. They are fun and give great insight into a culture. We did a fun chocolate/wine tasting tour in Chile and had a blast. However, I would say no to kids! Even when they say they are kid friendly I find that kids don’t really have the patience for cooking and waiting. They get bored quickly. Unless your child has a natural affinity for the culinary arts I’d save your $.


Boat Tours

Anything that is water related has always been a success! Snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and canoeing are activities we’ve paid for in several countries and we always enjoyed it! Our very young kids do too.


Ghost Tours

Most people I talk to say they are fun but a little silly. We did one in Budapest of Dracula’s dungeon and the kids enjoyed it and we enjoyed watching them enjoy it.


Helicopter Tours

These are pricey and not for those with a fear of flying in small planes. The views are always spectacular and show you some really once in life time waterfalls and other hard to reach places by foot. Younger kids tend to get a little bored towards the end so keep that in mind.


Travel Tours

On these planned vacations more than anything you save time but sometimes you don’t always save money. We’ve never done one because they don’t give us the flexibility we need with children.


Wildlife Tours

It’s impossible to replicate some experiences with out a tour and I’m going to say especially if it’s anything animal related. Whether on safari or in a zoo you get so much more when you are with a guide who knows the animals and information about the local habitat. This is one that is always worth the money!


Hop on Hop off Red Bus Tour

We love the City Sight Seeing Tours! The last one we did was in Paris. They give you flexibility, there’s no hassle in figuring out how to get to places, and they are at a very affordable price. These are especially great if you have a short amount of time in a place. They are kid friendly and great to do when in a city for the first time.


City Tours

We’ve done our fair share of city tours. They are insightful for the history of a place but you are often herded to very touristy spots, restaurants, and markets. Rarely does a city tour feel authentic. We’ve also done “kid friendly” city tours and most of the time it is a nightmare. Young kids are being shuttled from spot to spot to look at history so what you get is tired and bored kids who just want to stop in the park and play. On this one I say save your money.




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  • Tadeja
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    Usually I load free audio guides fotlr museums etc. Last one I loaded was for Pompei and it was really good one. Thx for sharing your tips! Where did you hire guide for Angor temples? I will go there with my kid in the summer.

  • Mariam suliman
    Posted at 01:38h, 04 October Reply


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